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How Did Navy Seal Mike Day Die? Decorated Navy SEAL Mike Day Reflects on His Service and Injuries

How Did Navy Seal Mike Day Die? Decorated Navy SEAL Mike Day Reflects on His Service and Injuries
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Mike Day, a retired Navy SEAL, has been reflecting on his 20-year career in the military and his experiences during deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Day served as a SEAL for nearly two decades, participating in over 50 combat missions and earning two Silver Stars, four Bronze Stars, and a Purple Heart.

Mike Day Service in Iraq:

Day’s most notable service in Iraq took place in 2007 when he was part of a six-man team tasked with apprehending a high-value target in Fallujah.

As Day and his team entered the target building, they were ambushed by 12-15 enemy fighters. During the firefight, Day was shot 27 times, including several rounds to the body armor that saved his life.

Day continued to fight back, killing several of the enemy fighters before running out of ammunition. As a second man pulled him to safety, a grenade exploded, wounding Day with shrapnel. Despite his injuries, Day continued to fight and successfully completed the mission.

Recovery of Mike Day:

Day’s injuries left him with severe nerve damage, shrapnel wounds, and multiple surgeries. He spent the next two years recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center before retiring from the military in 2010.

In his recently published book, “Perfectly Wounded,” Day reflects on his service and his recovery from his injuries. He emphasizes the importance of mental health and the need for veterans to receive proper care and support.

Since his retirement, Day has become an advocate for wounded veterans and has started his own foundation, the Perfectly Wounded Foundation, to support their physical and mental recovery. He also speaks publicly about his experiences, hoping to inspire and encourage others.

Honors and Recognition to Navy Seal:

Day’s service and dedication to wounded veterans have earned him numerous honors and recognition, including the 2020 American Hero Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. Day was also recently featured in an episode of “60 Minutes,” where he shared his story and discussed his foundation’s work.

As Day continues to advocate for wounded veterans and share his experiences, he remains grateful for his service and the lessons he learned as a Navy SEAL.

His courage and dedication serve as an inspiration to all who know him, and his legacy will continue to impact the lives of wounded veterans for years to come.

Mike Day’s service and bravery as a Navy SEAL are a testament to his strength and dedication to his country. Despite his injuries, Day has remained committed to supporting wounded veterans and helping them recover physically and mentally.

His story serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by all service members and the importance of honoring and supporting their service.

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