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What is the Reason for Howie Kane death? The Jay and The Americans Member Died

Howie Kane death

Jay and the Americans’ Howie Kane had died at the age of 78. Let’s look more closely at the musician’s death and its cause.

How did Howie Kane pass away


How did Howie Kane pass away?

At age 78, Howie Kane, aka Howard Kirchembaum of Jay and The Americans, passed away. On the social media page, Dennis Tufano shared this depressing news. According to the announcement, Jay and the American member Howie Kane passed away. He was the best person ever, genuine and hilarious. I will miss AKA The Chick Magnet. He carries a portion of my heart. I wish my friend well. Jay and the family and friends of the Americans deserve our condolences. Let Howie rest in peace. Howie is survived by his wife Gayle, his kids Sammy, Sarah, and Justin, and his brother Stuart and his family.

Howie Kane: who was he?

An American singer by the name of Howard Kane. He belonged to Jay and the Americans; his other name was Howie Kane. He provided vocals for the band Jay. Howie was one of Jay’s two singers between 1960 and 1973. Cara Mia peaked at number four, This Magic Moment peaked at number six, and Come A Little Bit Closer peaked at number three in 1964, 1964, and 1968, respectively.

Reason for Howie Kane death:

On March 27, 2023, Howie Kane, also known as Howard Kirchembaum, passed away. His cause of death wasn’t mentioned. Recently, Howie was involved in a car accident. With the words, “Jay and The Americans have lost a piece of their history,” they sent their sincere condolences to Howie. Howie Kane, also known as The Chick Magnet, was a native American and has since passed away. Howie was more than just one of the founding members; everyone who knew him considered him a good friend. “The other band members loved how laid-back he was on and off the stage. Although Howie’s spirit will continue to be on stage with us as we proceed, Sandy, Marty, and I want to express our sincere sorrow on his behalf. Social media was flooded with condolences after Howie’s passing spread.

Condolences to Howie Kane: 

As Rock N Tommy stated, Diane and I would like to offer our condolences and prayers to the family, friends, and followers of Howie Kane, a.k.a. Howie The Chick Man, one of the original founding members of Jay And The Americans. Howie, rest in peace, and thank you for the beautiful songs and memories. I will always remember when he invited me to sing Cara Mia with them on stage. R.I., Surf 97.3 FM posted. Howard Kane, alias Howie (the chick magnet), was a member of the legendary band Jay and the Americans. Your voice will be sincerely missed.

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