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What happened to Anna Kolyada? What Happened to the Russian Model?

What happened Anna Kolyada

Anna Kolyada, a young model from Bryansk, perished after ingesting a health booster drip made of human PLACENTA that she purchased from an online pharmacy. The death of a 22-year-old medical student is the subject of an investigation by Russian law enforcement. After ingesting an immunostimulant based on the human placenta, she passed away.

Anna Kolyada


What happened to Anna Kolyada?

Famous Russian businessman Dmytro Zhulin, the creator of SberMegaMarket, and his girlfriend Anna Kolyada, a fifth-year medical student at Moscow Medical University, decided to “cure” using a placenta. On the eve of their shared trip to Dubai, the 22-year-old purchased an exclusive immunomodulator and administered an IV to her and her lover to boost their immunity. In the hospital, the lover is still there. Zhulin is still in the hospital, but his condition is stable, and he can communicate.

What is Anna Kolyada Cause of Death?

As it turned out, the couple had previously experimented in this manner. On March 13, the girl, who identified herself on Instagram as a “nutritionist, doctor of preventive medicine, health coach, and specialist in systemic rehabilitation,” dispensed the final drop. Even though the solution needs to be diluted each time right before use, she prepared it in advance. Because the diluted medication was present for three days, an infection developed inside the containers, and because the medicine was derived from the placenta, the protein coagulated. As a result, in addition to taking the drug, the couple also gave their bodies an infection, which led to the development of the most severe form of sepsis.

Who is Anna Kolyada?

The tragedy in Moscow was covered by national media today, March 27. The girlfriend of businessman Dmitry Zhulin, our countrywoman Anna Kolyada, passed away after five drops of a questionable drug. She was a fifth-year student at Sechenovka; the First Honey Governor Bogomaz adores and treasures so much. Anna attended a medical school in Bryansk; her incredibly unposed photos can be found online. She identified herself on Instagram as a “nutritionist, doctor of preventive medicine, health coach, and specialist in systemic rehabilitation.”. He passed away in the hospital after developing a fever while travelling to the airport to catch a flight to Dubai.

The case is under investigation right now:

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, a criminal investigation into Kolyada’s death has begun. According to reports, she prepared a drip for herself and Zhulin without consulting a licensed physician and purchased the Japanese Laennec treatment from an online pharmacy without a prescription. After sitting in a saline drip for several days, the drug may have become contaminated because of clotted protein. According to the report, the couple wanted to strengthen their immune systems. After using an immuno stimulating medicine based on the Japanese human placenta, Dmitry Zhulin, 33, the SberMarket online store’s creator, they have developed a severe illness. They had taken the medication in the past without incident. One of the creators of the well-known Russian online retailer Sbermarket is Zhulin. Kolyada attended the esteemed Sechenov Medical University in Moscow. It is made from placenta hydrolyzate. ‘After a safe and straightforward delivery, the placentas of Japanese women are harvested for the production of Laennec. ‘.

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