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Piper Carrothers passes away after a hit-and-run case

Piper Carrothers passes away after a hit-and-run case
Image Source - Morgue Orbit

The Michigan community is mourning the death of a little girl who died due to a car crash at Walled Lake.

Who was Piper Carrothers?

Piper Carrothers was a 13-year-old girl who recently died in a car crash. She was a middle school student at Clifford Smart Middle School in Walled Lake, Michigan. She was also a member of the skating club of Novi. 

Her death was confirmed to the public by the school district’s superintendent, John Bernia Jr. He called the accident an ‘unspeakable tragedy.’ 

A GoFundMe has been set up by Piper Carrothers’ father to help the family with the expense for her daughter’s funeral arrangements and help in the recovery of her other daughter Cory and her mother, who was also involved in the accident and were impacted by the loss of their sister and daughter respectively. Cora suffers a skull fracture, while the mother has spine and neck injuries. 

How did the accident happen?

On March 22, on a Wednesday, a four-car crash occurred that resulted in the loss of life of a young girl, Piper Carrothers. The collision happened in Walled Lake at the West Maple and Decker Roads junction.

The collision was caused due to one of the drivers speeding, which cost the young girl’s life. The whole community is devastated to hear about the loss of such a young child.

According to reports, the impact due to the car accident was very severe, causing significant damage to all the vehicles caught in the accident. Apart from the death of Piper Carrothers, other people were also involved in the crash, some of which are in critical condition. 

It was a hit-and-run case since the driver, who was responsible for the accident, left the scene after the accident occurred. The 2 people responsible for the crash have not been identified yet. 

Both were suspected to be brothers, one of whom was less than 18 years old. Though, the police say that they are checking the surveillance footage to find the culprit. The investigation is ongoing, and the authorities have yet to reveal no other information. 

Tributes poured in for the young girl.

Many of their relatives and family friends paid tributes for the loss of their beloved, remembering the memories they shared, calling her the best big sister. 

They also talked about Cora, remembering her and calling her the little sweetheart of the skating community. My deepest condolences are provided to the family and relatives who knew the young girl, who could brighten up any room with her smile and infectious laugh.

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