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Namcor Board Member arrested after found dealing in drugs

Namcor Board Member arrested after found dealing in drugs
Image Source - The Namibian

A Namcor board member was arrested on March 27, 2023, after allegedly being charged with drug dealing.

Who was the Namcor Board member dealing in drugs

The recent arrest of the Namcor board member has caught a frenzy in the Namcor board. The recent arrest of the Namcor Board member was related to drugs the person has been dealing with.

According to reports, the arrested drug dealer was a female director on the “Namibian Petroleum corporation board.” She had been recently arrested for the illegal possession and dealing of drugs shortly after a conference of the representatives at the office.

On Monday, March 27, 2023, the meeting was held at the state-owned energy company in Windhoek. The female board member is now facing charges as appropriate actions will be taken against her, including a strict sentence.

The associates of the Namibian Petroleum Corporation were shocked after hearing the news and are now looking into who else might have been working alongside her right under their noses so that strict actions can be taken against them too.

Namcor Board Member arrested after found dealing in drugs

Image Source – PKB News

Namcor Board member arrested after being caught.

According to the authorities, the female board member was heading to the supply point while she was going at an extreme speed. Due to this, the police got suspicious, and when they caught up to her, they found the vehicle’s dickey filled with drugs.

Thus, they seized all of the packets while some were still in the car, the whole car was apprehended, and the woman was arrested there.

When the narcotics department checked the quality of drugs, they found them to be very thick, which, if consumed, could be very harmful to the other person. Thus, the woman has been arrested and is awaiting trial due to proof retrieved from the Narcotics department.

Trial held in court. 

Kauna Shikwambi, the Deputy Commissioner, verified the arrest of the Namcor board member. The Deputy Commissioner has confirmed that the person’s court trial was held on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, where he was presented at the Windhoek Magistrate court.

The arrest of the Namcor board member was possible only after the Narcotics report and other intelligence-led information that was reported to them and were also presented in court.

The investigation of the whole drug operation is ongoing, and the police are asking anyone with any information regarding this to come forward.

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