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Authorities have reported a Missing 15-Year-Old Girl in University Park

Fiorella Thornburg Missing

Every parent’s worst fear is the disappearance of a child. Tessa Thornburg, the mother of Fiorella, experienced her worst fear on March 27, 2023. After Ms. Thornburg’s absence was reported in the early morning, an extensive search was started.

Fiorella Thornburg Missing1


When did Fiorella Thornburg Disappear?

She resides in the 4400 block of Sheridan Street, searched for by the University Park Police Department and the Prince George’s County Police Department. K-9 units, drones, and helicopters were part of the search squad, as were hundreds of volunteers who explored the region on foot. The hunt for Fiorella lasted many days and was still awaiting results. The story received considerable media coverage, and many individuals outside the University Park neighbourhood volunteered to help.

While the hunt for Fiorella proceeded, her classmates and friends held a candlelight vigil in her memory. The watch at the local high school drew hundreds of people. They prayed for Fiorella’s safe return and sent her family encouragement and support. The vigil demonstrated the community’s love and concern for Fiorella and her family in a remarkable way.

Fiorella Thornburg, Who is She?

Fiorella Tessa Thornburg was a 15-year-old girl from Prince George’s County, Maryland. She was a sophomore at the local high school, an honour student, and a brilliant pianist. Her mother characterised her as a lovely, caring, and responsible daughter who had never previously gone away. After she went missing, the community rallied to attempt to locate her.

Identity of Fiorella Tessa Thornburg:

  • Male, Female Age: 15
  • Her eyes are brown on the left and blue on the right.
  • Hair colour: brown, shoulder length
  • Weight: 5’4″
  • Weight: 110 lbs.
  • He was last spotted wearing a black zip-up jacket, camouflage trousers and holding a white iPhone 10s.
  • At about 2:30 a.m., she was last seen on the 4000 block of Sheridan Street.
  • Travelling by foot is an option.

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