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Nashville shooting Explained: Six Killed By 28-Year-Old Student.

Nashville shooting

According to authorities, a shooter opened fire on Monday at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, killing three children and three adults. In the city’s Green Hills neighbourhood, police killed the shooter at Covenant School, according to authorities.

Who is the Victim


Who is the Victim?

The victims have been named 9-year-olds Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney, and Cynthia Peak, Katherine Koonce, and Mike Hill. They were all employed by the school. Police identified the shooter, who reportedly carried a handgun and at least two assault rifles. Preliminary findings into the shooting showed that it was a targeted attack. Drake was unsure of the exact timing of the shooter’s attendance, but the research suggested that they had been a student there.

What do the Officials Say?

The chief said that upon their arrival, police found “a manifesto”. “We’ve also found that detailed maps of the school that included surveillance, entry points, etc., were created. They entered the school by shooting through one of the doors, as far as we know and believe,” Drake said. Police later released surveillance footage that showed the suspect shooting through the glass of the doors and entering the building. Drake identified the firearms used in the shooting as two “AR-style weapons”—a rifle and a pistol—and another handgun.

Six Dead:

Their families had been contacted, Drake said earlier on Monday. Drake remarked, “Right now, I will refrain from mentioning other than to say I was moved to tears to see this. In the wake of the shooting, authorities set up a reunification center nearby, where students from the school were transported. “When we send our children to school or any other safe place, we expect them to live, learn, have fun, and return after their day’s adventure. We don’t plan for things like this,” he told reporters later on Monday.

Nashville shooting Explained: 

Officers went into the school building when they heard gunfire on the second level. They started to clear it, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. A statement made late Monday night claims that the officers went upstairs and witnessed the shooter opening fire on the approaching police cars. The assailant entered Covenant School through a side door, moved from the first to the second floor, and “fired multiple shots.”. The response also included special agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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