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Josiah Leitel Killed His Wife and Got Arrested

Josiah Leitel Killed His Wife and Got Arrested
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Josiah Leitel: Man arrested for hammering his wife to death while her children were sleeping nearby. 

Police have arrested Josiah Leitel after he killed his wife while their children slept in the same apartment. 

Who was Josiah Leitel?

Josiah Leitel, 35, a nightclub worker, was arrested on charges of killing his wife.

Why Josiah Leitel killed his Wife?

Josiah Leitel, 35, told police that he and Darya Leitel, 31, argued at around 5 AM after he returned from work at a nightclub in Haifa, Israel. After returning from the club, he began drinking, and his wife pushed him back, so he became aggressive. He choked her first and then beat her with a hammer In a room a few yards away, the couple’s three daughters were fast asleep. The couple recently talked about friendly administrations.

The couple previously mentioned welfare services.

In 2021, neighborhood media reported that the couple was referred to social administrations, and Leitel had previously threatened to kill his better half. “All levels of social services helped the couple that year.

Josiah Leitel killed his wife and got arrested

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Darya Leitel’s Companion saw her only hours before her passing

Daniela said Dalia, who supposedly concentrated on brain science and Spanish, was “a magnificent individual, a gave the mother of three girls and lovely all around.” She claims to be soon.” She also got a new place to live. The suspect and I are not acquainted, and their relationship was unusual. She was not accorded her due.

His way of life doesn’t appeal to me. She was waiting for the right time to leave her husband, though she knew she had to.” The investigation keeps going.

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Darya’s father Statement

In a local media interview, Darya’s father, Antoine, said, “When they fought, he would leave the house and move to a different neighbourhood. Last week, she was with me and did not inform me of the problem. Her smile was the best in the world. It’s hard for me to comprehend why he killed my daughter. I did not hear anything about violence from her.

The reason he murdered her was that she wanted to leave him. As of now, I don’t have a daughter. The charges against Darya’s husband have not yet been confirmed. He has been taken into custody. Please keep in touch with us to learn more about the incident.