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John Carter, Katelyn Markham: Ohio man Pleads not guilty to fiance’s murder

John Carter, Katelyn Markham Ohio man Pleads not guilty to fiance's murder
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After nearly 12 years into the murder of Katelyn Markham, who went missing, the fiancé has now been charged with her murder.  

What happened to Katelyn Markham?

Katelyn Markham was an art student who went missing in the month of August 2011. She was last seen at her Fairfield home. She was close to earning her graphic arts degree from the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati then.

After graduating, her fiancé said they intended to relocate to Colorado.

Then, in 2013, some 20 miles from her home in Fairfield, Indiana, her skeletal remains were discovered in a rural Cedar Grove, Indiana region. Her death was considered a homicide by the authorities.

In February 2023, Johnathan Palmerton was detained on suspicion of murder concerning Markham’s passing and felony perjury. The details for his arrest, however, have not been disclosed.

John Carter, Katelyn Markham Ohio man Pleads not guilty to fiance's murder

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Fiancé John Carter pleads not guilty.

The fiancé, John carter, has pleaded not guilty for the murder of Katelyn Markham, to two counts of murder. His bail was set at $1 million. 

Since he anticipated having a fee arrangement in place by then, he asked for a court date for the following week so he could provide for his defence. 

John Carter, who was 34 years old at the time, was arrested on Wednesday and is kept at Butler County Jail, where he was awaiting his arrival. On April 4, there will be a pretrial hearing. 

John Carter arrested for Katelyn Markham’s murder 

New evidence related to the death of Katelyn Markham has now been revealed, which includes a forensic anthropology report stating that there were three to four sharp, blunt-force trauma wounds to her left wrist bone; her remains which were found in a different location than where they were originally dumped; they have also found some writings, some of which belong to Carter, in her mother’s house, where he was living at the time of her disappearance.

These writings were a major factor in the arrest of the 34-year-old since it provided proof of him writing to himself, some of which were about his ‘inner demon’ wanting him to kill Katelyn and him trying to stop those ‘inner voices’.

Due to the safety concern, John Carter is now placed at Butler County Jail, where he is kept away from most of his people, alone in a cell.

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