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Barbie Bassett is No Longer At WLBT, It Officially Confirmed

WLBT Bassett

Barbie Bassett, one of the network’s reliable anchors and a regular on WLBT News in Mississippi, has recently been missing from the internet, as regular viewers may have noticed. Thankfully, we have all the information you require regarding what happened to Barbie.

What happened to Barbie Bassett


What happened to Barbie Bassett?

WLBT News confirmed to Vicksburg Daily News that Barbie is no longer employed by the station, despite the fact that they have not given a specific explanation. Although it wasn’t made clear whether she left on her own accord or was fired, some people think she was coerced out of the station after repeatedly making comments that were viewed as awkward and racially insensitive. When joking with a Black reporter on air in October 2022, Barbie drew criticism when she said that the reporter’s “grandmammy” might know a pie recipe to help her report a story. The racialized term “Mammy,” which has its roots in the South, is frequently used to describe Black women who looked after white children both before and after the Civil War.

Barbie apologised for her comments. “Last Friday on our newscast, I used a term that was offensive and my coworkers here at WLBT,” she said. “I now realize how my comment was hurtful and insensitive, even though it wasn’t my intention. Carmen Poe has received my sincere apologies. “. After that, she said, “I want to apologize to you. The essence of who I am does not lie in that. And for that, I apologize to everyone I have offended. I will take what I can from this and take part in training to comprehend our history and people better. My comment hurt people, and I can’t make it better. I sincerely hope you will overlook my terrible error and show me grace. ”.

Barbie Recently Made Yet Another on-air Remark:

In October 2022, Barbie apologised and then went back to her regular job. But she recently made another remark that made a lot of the audience scratch. It’s not clear whether the assertion that this remark ultimately caused her to be fired has caused any controversy. Barbie has yet to publicly address her absence from the show or offer a comprehensive justification, and neither has WLBT. The rest is just conjecture, though, until Barbie clarifies what occurred.

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