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Texan Boy, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, Is Missing at the Age of 6

Texan Boy, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, Is Missing at the Age of 6
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Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, a six-year-old boy, has been reported missing since Saturday morning.

What happened to Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez?

On March 20, the Evermore police received an anonymous tip stating that Noel had yet to be seen by his family members since November 2022. When he went missing, Noel lived with his 37-year-old mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, his stepfather, four biological siblings, and his twin half-siblings.

It was reported that Noel was a disabled boy with chronic lung disease requiring medical attention and occasional oxygen treatment. The doctors also stated that he could die if he did not receive medical attention regularly.

When the officers conducted a welfare check and went to their house, Cindy told the police that Noel was residing in Mexico with his biological father, an Indian immigrant, who had been deported there. 

When they asked him, he said he had never seen his son since he was deported, even before birth. The Homeland Security Records confirmed this statement to be him.

The investigators then attempted to contact Cindy about her children, to no avail. The police also confirmed that Cindy had previous extensive criminal records.

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The family of the boy flee from the country

On March 25, the police determined that Noel has gone missing and warranted an amber alert. Additionally, Cindy was issued a warrant for arrest.

After 9 PM on Friday, police discovered that Cindy, her stepfather, and Bowl’s siblings were on a Turkish Airlines flight bound for Istanbul. This happened before the AMBER alert was issued. It was also stated that Noel was not listed as a passenger on the flight with them. 

When they learned about this incident, they alerted the amber alert to an endangered missing person.

Amber alert discontinued, but the search continues

The Homeland Security Department and the police are working to find if Cindy has stopped to Turkey with her family members or if their flight is connected to India, where Bowl’s biological father originally was from.

According to the investigation, his mother did not cooperate with the investigation during the whole process. The child’s safety must be ensured. They also added that they need the public’s help to ensure the child is safe.