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Manrika Khaira Health Update – Is she suffering from cancer?

Manrika Khaira
Source: BBC

Manrika Khaira, The Circle star, might be struggling with cancer. She shared a video on social media; in the video, she shows her fans that she lost so much hair due to illness. 

Manrika Khaira: What happend with her

Manrika Khaira


Manrika Khaira is known for their massive social media followers; she has British-Indian nationality. He gained popularity after a sudden comeback in The Circle, a Netflix reality Show. She got global recognition with the help of this show.

She started her career as a beauty blogger and eventually began creating content related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Now people are so curious to know more about her health details.

Manrika Khaira : latest health update 

Recently Manrika posted a video on her social media account. In the video, she was sitting in the hairdresser’s place and showing the cut her hair short. She also revealed that she lost hair due to illness. It seems like she is battling cancer.

In the video, she thanked the hairdresser for his support; she said, “losing my hair due to illness has been the biggest and most upsetting thing I have experienced in a long time. I miss feeling pretty, but I had to do this today.”

It looks like that Manrika Khaira is suffering from brain cancer. Still, she didn’t say more about her “illness”. Now many of her followers are talking about her illness and commenting on her post. They guessed that she had brain tumours.

Manrika Khaira


One of her followers commented on her post, “whatever you are going through, we pray you to have the best recovery. You’re from Walsall, do not forget you can beat most things, usually violently pure love and always here for you.”

Manrika Khaira: Family details

She was born on March 30, 1996, in Birmingham, England. She was brought up in her hometown surrounded by her loved ones. Her father’s name is Harvey Khaira, while her mother is Kally Khaira. The interesting thing is that Manrika has Indian roots. 

The circle star also has a younger brother, but no information about her brother is available. 

Social media reactions to Manrika’s Instagram post :

Louise Mcwatters

Love this 🔥❤️ if a hair style was made for 1 person then this is yours 😍

Katie Beveridge

You are beautiful. Obviously I don’t know you at all – but I can tell from what you post , you are a beautiful person . No haircut will ever change that ! Head high girl – you got this

Mrs S K Lodhi

You look great! Sorry you are losing your hair. Hope you get well soon from whatever illness this is ❤️

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