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Dallas Cowboys News: Ezekiel Elliott Shocked Fans To Play For the Eagles

dallas cowboys news ezekiel elliott

Ezekiel was down to three teams before selecting where he’ll play next after the Dallas Cowboys released him, according to Adam Schefter, with the alternatives being the Cincinnati Bengals, the New York Jets, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ezekiel Elliott Shocked Fans To Play For the Eagles


Ezekiel Elliott Shocked Fans To Play For the Eagles:

Ezekiel Elliott’s release by the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t have been an easy choice. That’s right—people questioned whether Jerry Jones would act in Elliott’s best interests or those of the team, which is why so many fans and commentators didn’t rule out his return for another season.

Elliott’s release by the Cowboys still needs to pay off for them. The $10.9 million they will save from the salary cap when June 1 arrives, however, will go a long way toward helping them sign the 2023 draft class, cover the associated future dead money, and participate in the post-draft free agent frenzy. Beyond the monetary factor, Elliott needed to leave. To be a one-dimensional back, he was earning too much money. Nothing that Elliott accomplished in his early career should be diminished by his release. While statistics show he has declined since signing his six-year, $90 million contract, everyone acknowledges how great he once was.

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