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A 15-Year-Old Kid Who Died in a Skiing Accident at Pats Peak is Remembered by His Family as a Caring and Loving Youngster

Family of 15-year-old boy killed in skiing accident

According to ski resort authorities, a 15-year-old Boston teenager died in a skiing accident at New Hampshire’s Pats Peak on Saturday. The incident occurred at 6:35 p.m. on the Duster Ski Route.

Family of 15-year-old boy killed in skiing accident1

Christopher DiPrima’s Bio:

A sweet, soft-spoken sophomore from East Boston, Massachusetts, named Christopher DiPrima, was charming. He loved watching and playing movies, but his favourite pastime was hanging with his family. DiPrima’s cousin Steven Gingras described him as “a youngster who was gentle, courteous, bright, had his whole career ahead of him, but was quite humble, very kind.” His family was devastated, particularly Gisel, his “best friend’s” sister, who is 12 years old. He was a fantastic big brother, according to Gingras, who always thought about his sister and treated her with much love and sympathy. I’ve never met a young man as lovely as him.

What Occurs to Him?

DiPrima was involved in a skiing accident at 6:35 p.m., according to the general manager of Pats Peak, while skiing with his family on the Duster Ski Route. He fell while skiing down the mountain, according to Steven Gingras, his cousin. Gingras said, “It was weird how he just hit a bump and flew. According to the general manager, DiPrima was taken to the base by ski patrol, where the Henniker Rescue Team was ready to take him. The Rescue Chief said that treatment was given to medical staff at Concord Hospital after he was transported there.

In a statement to News 9, the general manager said, “During this terrible moment, our sympathies go out to his family, and the crew of Pat’s Peak is incredibly grieved by the occurrence tonight.”

Christopher’s High School Life:

According to the general manager, an inquiry is ongoing to determine the facts surrounding the occurrence. Gingras claimed DiPrima had only been skiing for a few years, but he had already mastered the sport. “The track he was on was one he’d done multiple times that he was proficient enough to complete, you know, it was an increased skill level,” Gingras said.

Excel Academy, Christopher’s high school, stated Monday that counsellors would be available to kids who were mourning the death of a friend and classmate. “The terrible death of one of our 10th-grade students, Christopher DiPrima, has devastated the Excel Academy Charter School community. Christopher was a great, bright, kind, and compassionate young guy who made everyone around him happy. We know he enjoyed spending time with his Family, especially with his younger sister, an Excel student. Christopher was an essential part of our school community, and our hearts go out to his Family and everyone who loved him, “According to Excel Academy.

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