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Kay-Alana Turner Missing Case Explained: What Happened to her?

kay-alana turner missing

Re-added to Harris County’s official missing person list is a Beaumont woman who has been missing since March 10.

kay-Alana Turner Missing What Happened


kay-Alana Turner Missing: What Happened?

After a run-in with Harris County sheriff’s deputies on March 10, Kay-Alana Turner, 27, is still wanted for evading in a car and aggravated assault on a peace officer. According to a Sheriff’s Office representative, she deliberately drove toward deputies as she fled in her vehicle and “refused” attempts to speak with deputies. Turner’s family asserted that she was experiencing a manic episode as a result of mishandled mental health medication, and that she most likely ran away from law enforcement out of fear. Turner’s family previously claimed that they were informed that, as a result of the warrants, she could no longer be considered to be missing. To reactivate her missing person case, a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy reportedly put in “hours,” according to a Facebook page set up to provide updates on the case.

What do the Officials Say?

The Enterprise has asked for more information from the Sheriff’s Office regarding the reasons why her missing person case was initially closed and then reopened. Rosa Calhoun, Turner’s mother, claims that Turner was last observed walking toward Decker-Prarie Rosehill Road, northwest of Tomball, and that her footprints were discovered next to a log in Spring Creek. Her family and friends searched wooded areas, distributed thousands of flyers with pictures of Turner throughout the state, and contacted any nearby organizations that might have taken in Turner. The Southeast Texas Navy is planning a search for this coming Saturday within a 5- to 10-mile radius of Turner’s last known location.

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