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How did a Former Obama official die? He Died After a Plane Crashed

Former Obama official die

An ex-official from the Obama administration perished when a plane suddenly convulsed due to turbulence, launching and injuring passengers.

What Happened


What Happened?

On a Friday flight to Maryland, an ex-official from the Obama administration and her family experienced turbulence. The turbulence launched the passengers, and former official Dana Hyde later died from her wounds. The NTSB is investigating whether the plane had other stability problems besides turbulence. A former official who worked for the Obama and Bill Clinton administrations passed away last Friday from wounds sustained during a violently turbulent flight.

How did a Former Obama official die? 

According to the Associated Press, Dana Hyde, a former senior US State Department advisor under Obama and an attorney on the 9/11 commission, was returning from New England, where she had been touring schools with her son and husband, Jonathan Chambers, according to the Associated Press. According to the chief medical examiner’s office, the business jet they were travelling in experienced severe turbulence, throwing the passengers around and injuring Hyde with blunt force trauma. Hyde was declared dead at a hospital in Hartford, according to the AP, and the pilot was forced to change the location of the landing to Connecticut.

Chambers allegedly contacted his coworkers at broadband provider Connexon after the disaster, notifying them that “the plane abruptly convulsed in a manner that brutally tossed the three of us” and that Hyde was “badly hurt.” The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has opened an investigation into the incident, noting that there was a reported “trim issue,” which refers to the plane’s ability to remain stable and level during the flight and that equipment of the aircraft, such as the cockpit voice recorder, would be examined. According to the Post, Chambers told his colleagues, “She loved and was beloved.”. Dana was the most significant person I have ever known. She was a fantastic mother to our boys and had a successful career. “. The Federal Aviation Administration reports that between 2009 and 2021, flight turbulence seriously injured 30 passengers and 116 crew members.

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