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Andrei Sison, a Young Actor, Dies in a Car Accident

Andrei Sison, a Young Actor, Dies in a Car Accident
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Andrei Sisson was a Filipino rising star whose life was cut short by a car accident on March 24, 2023.

Who was Andrei Sison?

Andrei Sison was a teen actor who was only 16 years old at his death. He gained popularity in 2022 through TikTok, where h used to post his dance covers and other videos. He then started livestreaming with his fellow agency members. 

His good looks and his charming personality were something that all his fans and viewers loved about him. He was about to be introduced as the Sparkle Teens this April 2023, along with the rest of his fellow members of the GMA artist centre. 

Andrei was an aspiring actress who found his love for creating content on TikTok. He was an ambitious and dedicated individual determined to make a name for himself in the industry.

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Andrei Sisson was a Filipino rising star whose life was cut short

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Andrei Sison Cause of his death

Andrei Sison was among the four passengers of the BMW sedan caught in a car accident. According to reports, the BMW was travelling on the southbound lane of Commonwealth Avenue in Barangay old road when the accident happened. 

The car accident occurred around 2:40 AM, where all the other three passengers were only injured, but Andrei Sison wasn’t so lucky. According to the investigators, the vehicle was heading towards Philcoa when the driver lost control. He then met with an accident with a Ford EcoSport utility vehicle and ran into a large concrete wall. 

The bystanders immediately took all of them to the East Avenue Medical hospital, where the actor succumbed to his injuries. The other three passengers fortunately survived.

The death of the actor was confirmed by the agency Sparkle GMA artist Center, which he was a part of. 

The teen will have his memorial service and burial at Loyola Chapels. His Crematorium will then be held at Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. 

Remembering the Filipino teen actor

Andrei Sison will be remembered for his kind heart, infectious laugh, and positive outlook on life. 

Andrei achieved more than most people could dream of in his short but meaningful life. He was an inspiration to his peers and his fans, and his content was beloved around the world.

His sudden and unexpected passing devastated his friends, family, and fans. He will be deeply missed, but his legacy will live on forever.