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What happened to Jason Dare? A NJ state trooper has gone missing

What happened to Jason Dare
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Jason Dare, a New Jersey State Police trooper, has been missing since March 19. He was last seen at a health facility in Pennsylvania, from where he was walking away. 

Who is Jason Dare?

Hey, Jason dare is a police trooper from South Jersey. He has worked in law enforcement for 18 years. According to his LinkedIn page, he started working with the state police in 2004.

Reports say that his hometown is in Dorothy, New Jersey, but he resides in Vineland, according to his property records.

What happened to Jason Dare?

The search for the missing person, Jason Dare, marked its 4th day this Thursday, i.e., March 23, 2023. According to reports, he was last seen leaving a medical facility in Media, Pennsylvania. The time around which he went missing was set to be around 6:50 PM on Sunday, and he has not been seen since.

The police described him as a 6 feet tall man who weighed around 180 pounds and had tattoos on his neck, hands, and arms. The CCTV footage that captured him walking out showed him wearing a black Carhartt jacket, a black hooded sweater, and glasses.

On Sunday, he was last seen on Route 352 on Yearsley Mill Road in Middletown just before 7:00 PM. 

The authorities say his life might be in danger, but they have not revealed the exact reason. It is also not known why Jason was in the Pennsylvania hospital.

What happened to Jason Dare - A NJ state trooper has gone missing

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Family Reaction on his Missing

After the New Jersey state police posted on Facebook about Jason dare’s missing, his family, friends, and the general public commented on many supportive messages.

His stepmother asked everyone to play for his safe return and to contact the New Jersey or the Pennsylvania State Police or anyone in the family if they knew anything about Jason or have seen him.

One of his friends wrote that they have been friends for a long time and that whatever he is going through, his friends and family will always be there for him. He also said that his beautiful daughters are waiting for their father. 

People also wrote about the safe coming of Jason Dare and are praying for his safety and that his family, who are going through such a tough time.