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Phillies star’s Rhys Hoskins surgery confirmed

Rhys Hoskins
Source: Fox News

Rhys Hoskins, a Star player of Philadelphia, is now struggling with a torn ACL in his left knee. Due to this devastating setback, he might miss the upcoming season. Rhys Hoskins was injured in the second inning against the Detroit Tigers when he tried to backpedal to field a ground ball.

Rhys Hoskins

Source: Fox News

Fox Sports posted the news through the tweet as Rhys Hoskins suffered a torn ACL during today’s Spring Training game, Phillies announced. For ACL reconstruction, surgery is needed, as reported by his team Phillies.

Earlier, Hoskins also suffered from right knee surgery, and in the offseason, he recovered from the meniscus surgery. After this, Hoskins was all set for a crucial year for the new season for his team.

He has been the key player for the Phillies since his debut. He debuted with the team in 2017 and made a ranking among the most productive hitters. He scored 405 RBIs and 148 home runs.

After the injury to Rhys Hoskins, what’s next for the Phillies

It is possible that Darick Hall would be taken as the primary first baseman in the replacement for Rhys Hoskins’. On the right-handed pitching, he is the first choice of Rhys Hoskins.

While if you talk about a player, Darick hall, he played last season very well as a hitter. In his 142 plate appearances, he batted .250 with nine home runs and 16 RBIs. Apart from this, he scored a .319 batting average and five home runs.

At this time, Phillies also thinking about his more options because Hoskin’s injury opens the competition for the bench players. Too many players are available as replacements for Hoskin’s some of them are Kody Clemens, Jake Cave, Scott Kingery and Dalton Guthrie.

Philadelphia Phillies posted an update about Hoskin’s on Twitter:

Rhys Hoskins

Source : The New York Times

Phillies 1B Rhys Hoskins underwent an MRI today that revealed a left knee anterior cruciate ligament tear requiring surgery. The recommended surgery is an ACL reconstruction. Additional details regarding the surgery, including the date and surgeon, are to be determined.

Netizens’ reactions to Hoskins’s injury :


It’s ok he will be missed but the last 2 years he has made quite a few errors that hurt some games they should have won. He can be a defensive liability. I cringed especially when in the World Series he should have made some easy outs at first base but didn’t field it too good. Hey it is what it is so move on, and it will be the next man up !!

Yo Boi Mando

Last time we will see Rhys in a Phillies jersey. It’s time for Hall to get the starting 1B role. Hope the best for Rhys 🙏

Mark Koehler

Hall has it covered But left handed pitching move Bohm to first and Sosa to 3rd

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