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Kawana Jenkins Detention officer charged over relationship with inmate in Georgia

Kawana Jenkins

Kawana Jenkins, a detention officer, was arrested over a relationship with an inmate according to Georgia authorities. The officials of Georgia found a contraband cellphone; in this cellphone, they found a clip of Kawana Jenkins.

Kawana Jenkins

Source : Fox 5 Atlanta

In the video clip, Kawana Jenkins was seen engaging in explicit acts with the inmate. Jenkins has been working at Fulton County Detention Center since 2019. After the clipping went viral, Georgia officials also expressed their outrage about the detention officer.

According to news reports, Jenkins has a long-term relationship with the prisoner. Even Jenkins gives him his contraband cellphone to record this activity. Now Jenkins has been charged for many different inappropriate activities.

She was charged with five counts of violation of oath by a police officer, two counts of improper s*xual contact by an agent, two counts of reckless conduct, one count of giving inmates of prohibited items and two counts of cruelty to inmates.

Fulton County officials comment on this incident :

Patrick Labat, Fulton County Sheriff, said in an official statement about the actions against Kawana Jenkins he said

“As Sheriff of Fulton County, I am committed to transparency and to holding each and every employee accountable to oath they have taken to protect and serve our community.”

He continued, “The actions of this one individual are certainly not a reflection of the men and women of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The vast majority of employees are to be commended for their integrity, commitment to service and the work they do daily.”

Inmate relationship with detention officers :

The news of Kawana Jenkins’s affair made the highlight in the county, but these types of relationships are not new. Brenda Smith, a law professor who also works for inmates, said these relationships are very common between officers and inmates.

These are looking a little bit disturbing due to the level between an officer and inmates, but they are widespread. Smith further expressed their view about this as

Kawana Jenkins

Source : Fox News

“I think that it is sort of the construct of supervision in these settings that creates those environments and those opportunities.”

Public reaction to this news


When I was in grad school, I did some work at two jails and one prison. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Most of the guards there (most… not all) were waaaay worse than most of the inmates. I always felt sorry for the families they’d go home to after their shift ended. I also know of three who became inmates themselves.


Women are held to the same legal standards as 8-year-old children so she will likely just get a small fine. A man would do 10+ years.


Why do officers feel the “need” to have relationships with prisoners! Both are being used and officers ruin their lives. They can’t be that desperate and I have no sympathy for them.

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