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Ted Bastien, the Director of PAW Patrol, Died After A Battle with Cancer

director Ted Bastien died

Ted Bastien, a long-serving PAW Patrol director, died. Let’s look at how the filmmaker died and what caused his death.

director Ted Bastien died1

Ted Bastien Died in What Manner?

Charles E. Ted Bastien, a well-known Canadian director who worked on PAW Patrol Season 3, has passed away. Ted’s death was revealed on Guru Studio’s public Facebook page, a Toronto-based entertainment firm.

Upon Ted’s death, Guru Studio said: “It is with a sad heart that we deliver the news that Ted Bastien, PAW Patrol’s director for nearly seven years, has died away,” Guru Studio stated. “For many of us at Guru, Ted was a valued colleague and friend. Ted worked courageously throughout his sickness to be his team’s creative solid leader and keep everyone’s spirits up.

“Ted joined Guru in July 2015 after a stellar 31-year career at Nelvana. He led our 100+ PAW crew through numerous creative experiences across various series and specials at Guru. Ted will be remembered for his quick wit, charisma, and sense of humour. His enthusiasm was contagious, and his standards were unshakeable. “Our hearts go out to his whole family and everyone who enjoyed working with him.” Ted was a vital contribution to PAW Patrol’s international success and kids’ enjoyment in Canada and throughout the globe. He’ll be sorely missed.”

Ted Bastien, Who was He?

Ted joined PAW Patrol during its third season. Ted took over as PAW Patrol’s second director after Jamie Whitney. From 1980 and 1983, he attended Sheridan College and earned a Diploma in Classical Animation. Ted contributed to the art portions of numerous other television episodes, including Wayside, Extreme Ghostbusters, Little Rosey, The Suite Life of Hudson and James, Cyberchase, Quads!, Braceface, and Seven Little Monsters, in addition to PAW Patrol.

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