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Dick Van Dyke car accident: He got Minor injuries In a Car Crash

dick van dyke car accident

During a rainstorm in Los Angeles, Dick Van Dyke was hurt in a car accident in Malibu.

Dick Van Dyke, a man with white hair and a wavering beard, is present at a Sen. Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles. Police told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday that Dick Van Dyke suffered “moderate injuries” in a Malibu car accident last week during a persistent downpour in Los Angeles County.

Dick Van Dyke Car Accident Explained


Dick Van Dyke Car Accident Explained:

Last Wednesday morning, as the 97-year-old actor was driving in the rain, his vehicle slid off the road and collided with a gate and a block wall, according to a law enforcement spokesperson. (The streets of Los Angeles have been especially slick in recent weeks amid heavy, near-constant precipitation. The collision did not involve any other cars or people.

The “Mary Poppins” star was bleeding from the mouth and nose, and TMZ claims that she may have suffered a concussion in the collision. An official from the police department confirmed to The Times that Van Dyke had “moderate injuries to the face area,” but they provided no additional information.

Van Dyke was attended to by County Fire Department on the scene, and they urged him to go to the hospital. The Emmy winner was not taken to the hospital in an ambulance because she was “alert and oriented” when speaking with paramedics. Law enforcement, however, believed that he went to the hospital later or that a friend or family member later drove him there.

According to reports, Van Dyke was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision. Additionally, according to TMZ, police requested that Van Dyke retake his driving test from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, in part due to his advanced age. No paperwork had been submitted to the DMV, a law enforcement spokesperson informed The Times.

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