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Suzanne Rheinstein, the Owner of Hollyhock and Designer for Montecito Cancer, Takes His Life

Suzanne Rheinstein cause of death

Suzanne Rheinstein, a well-known American interior designer and creator known for her elegant and timeless design aesthetic, has died. Let’s look at how the designer broke and what caused her death.

Suzanne Rheinstein Died in what Manner?

Suzanne Rheinstein, the owner of Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates and a well-known international interior designer, died on March 20, 2023.

A family member announced her death. “So sorry to hear the news of #suzannerheinstein. What a marvellous, talented woman!” said the Joe Ruggiero Collection. Suzanne and I first met when I was the editor-in-chief of Home Magazine. I adored her shop, @hollyhock design. She was a friend whose charming style and gracious personality I admired! She will be sorely missed!”

Suzanne Rheinstein, who was She?

Rheinstein, an American interior designer and inventor, was known for her refined and timeless style. She was the inspiration for the design firm Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates. Suzanne Rheinstein was a minimalist designer. Hollyhock, where she shared her passion for painted furniture, George III mahogany, blue-and-white porcelain, and plush upholstery, has been renowned for three decades.

She was also a prolific author, having written numerous books on interior decorating and design, including “Rooms for Dwelling: A Model for Now with Issues from the Past,” “At House: A Model for Now with Issues from the Past,” and “Suzanne Rheinstein: Rooms for Dwelling.” She worked on various projects, including private homes, hotels, and retail spaces, and was featured in several design publications.


Suzanne Rheinstein, an interior designer, has made a career by displaying antiques. She was born in New Orleans to a mother who owned an antique store. She was born and raised in New Orleans and cherished the city’s history.

In her Hollyhock store, she displays one-of-a-kind antiques. Hollyhock, a Los Angeles destination for fine antiques and new decorative objects, and the homes she builds for clients demonstrate her impeccable polish and talent for blending old and new.

She was known for her distinct sense of style and appreciation for southern California’s laid-back culture. Suzanne’s East Coast-acquired visual sophistication, Southern flair for fashion and hospitality, and respect for the carefree Southern California way of life make her in high demand.

Gardener with a Passion:

Rheinstein has visited many of the world’s most renowned gardens as a board member of the Garden Conservancy and an enthusiastic gardener. She valued and considered the outside as much as the inside. She sought advice from her friend and garden designer Nancy Goslee Power and inspiration from two of her favourite landscape architects, Piet Oudolf and lvaro de la Rosa.

Suzanne Rheinstein Died as a Result of the Following Causes:

Suzanne died after a courageous battle with cancer. In 2019, Rheinstein was diagnosed with cancer. Following Rheinstein’s death, tributes poured in on social media. Suzanne was involved in an accident that injured her left foot and elbow, requiring two major surgeries and rendering her immobile for months.

“I was in the hospital after surgery, still anaesthesia-addled, when I saw photos and a floor plan of this house,” she explained. “My cancer is stable, and I am having fun,” she said. Suzanne was remembered for her interior design, which included beautiful objects, different types of furniture, personal artwork, painted surfaces, Blends, and careful consideration for comfort, textures, details, and light. She wrote best-selling books and lifestyle magazines like Elle Decor and Home Beautiful. One of these books is titled Designing Women.

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