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Kelly Aloria Lum Passed Away – Cause Of Death Explained

Kelly Aloria Lum Passed Away - Cause Of Death Explained
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Kelly Aloria Lum, a working woman who contributed significantly to information security, has passed away in New York City.

Who was Kelly Aloria?

Kelly graduated from Windham High School in 2000. She pursued a degree in Computer Science at New York University, where she discovered her passion for information security. After graduating, she quickly rose through the ranks in the field and became an accomplished cybersecurity professional.

Over the course of her career, Kelly worked for several high-profile companies, including Tumblr, where she served as a Senior Security Engineer. She also taught Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering as an Adjunct Professor.

In addition to her work in information security, Kelly was an accomplished entrepreneur. She had an e-commerce website selling clothes online, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and drive.
She was a role model for many young women who aspired to enter the industry.

Kelly was also an avid social media user with over 5,000 followers on Instagram. She often shared pictures of her travels and love for fashion and was known for her warm and friendly personality.

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Kelly Aloria Cause of Death

The news of Kelly’s passing has left the cybersecurity community in shock and disbelief. People have shared their memories of her on social media and expressed their grief. Many have highlighted her dedication to her work and her infectious energy and have praised her for her commitment to making the world a safer place through her work in information security.

Although Kelly’s death is still unknown, SummerCon’s Twitter account announced her death earlier this morning.

However, Kelly’s life was not without its struggles. She was bipolar and had struggled with mental health issues for many years. She was open about her struggles with depression and often spoke about the importance of mental health awareness. Her willingness to share her experiences inspired many going through similar struggles.

Kelly’s passing reminds us that life is fragile and that we must cherish the moments we have with our loved ones. While her life was cut short, her legacy will live on through her work and the many lives she touched during her time there. The tech industry and the community have lost a bright star, and her absence will be deeply felt.