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Cedric Jenkins Passed Away – Cause Of death, Tributes & Funeral

Cedric Jenkins Passed Away - Cause Of death
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Cedric Jenkins, a well-renowned basketball player, passed away at 57. When his colleague shared the news on Twitter, his fans were shocked.

Who was Cedric Jenkins?

Cedric Jenkins was a very successful basketball player who played many fabulous games. He was recently seen playing for NAAC and performing in the game with full spirit.

Jenkins had a great career and was later a successful entrepreneur. His fellow teammates called Cedric a “swoop” for his long wingspan range.

He was born in the united states and played for four years representing the united states in basketball. He began his career as a basketball player after receiving an award at school.

As a successful entrepreneur, he owned the general nutrition centre, which provides guidelines regarding a better diet and better health.

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What happened to Cedric Jenkins?

On the 19th of march, this weekend, the death news of Cedric was uploaded on Twitter by one of his colleagues, Rex Chapman, on his official handle.

Cedric Jenkins was very sincere and concerned and cared about his family. He was married, and he and his wife used to run a healthcare organization.

What was the cause of Cedric Jenkins’s death?

Cedric Jenkins died at the age of 57; as he was an athlete, he had a healthy life. No reason for his death has been shared by Rex Chapman, who posted the news of Cedric’s death on social media.

The reason for his death remains unclosed.

Tributes to Cedric Jenkins.

After the death news of Cedric Jenkins went viral, all his fans are continuously dropping comments and their tributes to the icon of basketball sport.

Many loved ones are showing their grief and condolences to Jenkins’s family as it is a hard time for them to accept his unannounced death of him.

Updates on funeral

Since the death of Cedric was shocking for the basketball federation and his family, they needed time to settle down. The updates regarding the funeral have not been listed yet by the family. However, he will have a memorable funeral.

A legend in the field of basketball passes away and leaves a legacy behind.