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A sledding accident in Colorado killed two Illinois teens on spring break

sledding accident
Source : Yahoo News

On Sunday night, Two Illinois high school students were killed in a sledging accident in Colorado. Both students were on spring break, as said by school officials. They were identified as Prairie Central High School students in Fairbury, Illinois. While the school administration also confirmed the identity of the students, the age of the students were 17 and 18.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, both were riding in tandem down the halfpipe at Copper Mountain Ski Resort. After some time, they launched off a large snowbank at the bottom. This accident happened about 8.30 p.m. on Sunday, and the place of the accident was Copper Mountain, a resort less than 80 miles from Denver, told ski area officials.

According to the staff of Copper Mountain, who said in a statement that it is a “sledding zone”, and due to this reason, the activity is banned in many areas. They added that the halfpipe’s closing time is 4 p.m. each day while the feature is off-limits to sledders at all hours, in any case.

sledding accident

Source : NBC News

Copper Mountain also described as “Safety is top priority at Copper Mountain, and we ask our guests to please observe posted signs and warnings and not enter closed trails and areas, Copper Mountain closes all lift and trail access at 4 p.m. daily, including the halfpipe, which was closed and roped off at the time of the incident.”

The Sheriff’s office talked to local media and said both were struck in the hard ice and announced dead at the spot. After the incident, the Summit County coroner’s office tried to determine the root cause of the death.

sledding accident

Source : Wkow

The resort president, Dustin Lyman, said in a statement that “the entire team at Copper Mountain is deeply saddened by this tragic incident.”

Netizens’ reaction to this incident :

Leslie Angus

“Both were great students, talented athletes, and most importantly, amazing people,” Crane said. “They were role models for all who knew them, especially our young athletes throughout the district.”

These kids made a mistake, doesn’t mean they deserved to lose their lives. Be kind with your comments.

Renee Fiedler Laughlin

So heartbreaking. Just can’t imagine the pain the parents must be going through. Thoughts and prayers to the families. 💙

John Lantz

I can’t imagine how fast they were going. When you’re young, sometimes you think you’re invincible. Prayers for both families.

Mike French

So, just so I understand it correctly, these guys were in a closed area that was roped off and on equipment that is not allowed on the slopes? Terrible accident.

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