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75-year-old Versey Spell who went missing, now found

75-year-old Versey Spell who went missing, now found
Image Source - CBS News

In October 2022, a woman named Versey Spell, 75, went missing. Her remains were found 3 weeks ago in a container outside a vacant church.

What happened to the Versey Spell?

According to reports, Versey Spell disappeared under very suspicious circumstances.

Her sister, Bettea Brown Wilson, said they had gone together for her doctor’s appointment and then returned to her house to have dinner. Her husband then took her home; that was the last anybody saw her.

Versey was then reported missing after her family went to her home to check up on her in Barrington Road but did not find her. Instead, they found the house to be in shambles. 

They noticed that the basement door was kicked in, and both apartments were in disarray. They also found some of her belongings, like her necklace and glasses, thrown outside.

They also found a strange woman in the homeowner’s bed. They also said her cane, walker, and other health-related items were still in the house. Bettea Brown told 11 news that her sister was also suffering from polio and lupus and relied on a walker. 

The police released a statement on Twitter stating the whereabouts of Ms. Versey Spell, describing her to be 5 foot 5 inches tall and weighing approximately 140 lbs. They also stated that she wore a black shirt, leggings, and shoes.

Police identify the human remains.

Versus spell, who went missing in October 2022, was recently discovered about 3 weeks ago on March 3. 2023. Her remains were found in a container outside the vacant church. 

The container was placed in a yard, which was 3400 blocks away from Garrison Boulevard, about 6 blocks away from her home.

According to the police, she remained and had been there for quite a while. Her autopsy report revealed that her death was not caused by homicide. 

Remembering Versey Spell

According to reports, the spell used to work as a greeter for the Baltimore Orioles game day staff.

The staff also released a statement, saying saddened they were upon hearing the news about Versey Spell. They also extended their heartfelt condolences to her family and friends going through such a tough time. 

Her next-door neighbor also expressed her grief at losing a beloved friend, who she described as a very kind woman. She said that she was very helpful and would help her out whenever she needed it.

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