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The Maine amber Alert system activated the 5th time in the state

The Maine amber Alert system activated the 5th time in the state
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A young girl who was just 11 years old had been kidnapped by her father. However, with the joint efforts of the police and the maine amber Alert system, she was later found, but the kidnapper is still on the run.

What is the Maine Amber Alert system?

The Maine amber alert system is an American emergency protocol program that is activated by the police of the state.

The system is activated only when a child of age 17 years or below is kidnapped. AMBER stands for America’s missing broadcast emergency response.

The kidnapping of such a young person without any reason can lead to the initiation of this alarm.

The fear of the child’s murder has also resulted in the activation of the Maine amber alert alarm. The alarm was made after the name of a kidnapped child whose name was AMBER. 

The system transmits information about any child suspected of being kidnapped by the police force to different media channels and highway roads. By spreading the news of the child’s kidnap, the news will gain many people’s attention, who would then tell if they have seen something.

The activation of the Maine Amber Alert system 

A girl was kidnapped by her father from her grandmother’s place. This incident took place yesterday on March 20, 2023. The mother of the 11-year-old girl approached the police after the incident. She asked the police if they could initiate the Maine amber alert system. 

The young girl went to her grandmother’s place on Sunday in Topsham. Danielle Dyer, the girl’s father, came to visit his daughter. When the grandmother returned after completing the laundry work, she could not find her granddaughter or the child’s father.

Police investigation in this case 

The incident was reported to the police in Maine. And within some hours, the Maine amber protocol was activated in the whole state by 10 p.m. The Topsham police also took assistance from Oxford county.

The state police had issued an arrest warrant for the 29-year-old. After a couple of hours, the police received a call from a woman from Auburn, As the young child was found there with the help of the Maine Amber Alert. Danielle is still on his run. In this kidnapping, Danielle was assisted by an anonymous woman. 

The Maine state police have also tracked his mobile phone and have found that his last location, according to them, was near Lewiston, where he must have headed for drugs as he was a drug addict. However, the young girl has been safely taken to her mother.

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