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Is Noa Tishby in a relationship? Who is Noa Tishby Boyfriend?

Noa Tishby Husband
The West Australian

Noa Tishby is a professional Israeli actress, producer, writer as well as a ctivist. Noa Tishby has a own production comany Noa’s Arc.

In 2021, Noa Tishby published his first book, “Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth”.

Noa Tishby serves as Special Angler for the Delegation to Israel and Combating Antisemitism. Noa was appointed to the position in 2022.

As an actress, in 1995, Noa Tishby made her acting debut with the “Ramat Aviv Gimmel” television series.

In 1997, Noa Tishby made her film debut with the “Hercules” film as Megara.

Noa Tishby appeared in many tv shows such as The Affair, The Deep End, Leverage, Big Love, The 4400, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Drew Carey Show, Miss Match, Valentine, NCIS, CSI: NY, Las Vegas, and more.

Noa Tishby also acted in many movies, including Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Fatwa, Connecting Dots, The Island, and Skeleton Man.

As a producer, Noa Tishby also worked on Divorce: A Love Story and In Treatment series.

How old is Noa Tishby?

Noa Tishby’s age is 47 years. Noa Tishby’s full name is Noa Tohar Tishby. Noa Tishby’s birth date is May 1975. Noa Tishby was born to her parents in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Noa Tishby’s height is 5 feet 6 inches. Noa Tishby did her studies at Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Noa Tishby’s nationality is Israeli.

Who is Noa Tishby Husband?

Noa Tishby’s marital status is divorced. Noa Tishby husband’s name is Osher Günsberg. He is a famous Australian television presenter.

Noa Tishby married Osher Gunsberg in 2008 but after 3 years the couple divorced and separated from their marriage.

Is Noa Tishby in a relationship?

It is not known whether Noa Tishby is in a relationship or not. Noa Tishby had a relationship with Julian McMahon from 2002 to 2003.

Noa Tishby had an affair even after marriage. The name of Noa Tishby’s boyfriend is Ross Hinkle. In 2015, Noa Tishby gave birth to her first child, Ari Ford Tishby Hinkle, with her boyfriend Ross Hinkle.

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