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In a Texas High School, a Gunshot Resulted in One Child’s Death, and Another’s Injury

Lamar High School

What Occurred at Lamar High School?

During a shooting at Lamar High School in Arlington, one student was murdered, and another was injured. The culprit has been apprehended. It occurred at 6:55 a.m. Monday along the border of one of the parking lots, according to Arlington police.

At least one male student was shot, while another female student was injured in the face by shrapnel. The shot male student was transported to the hospital by ambulance, while the girl was carried by an adult guy nearby. The male pupil died as a result of his injuries.

The injuries sustained by the female are not life-threatening. “We prepare for instances like these, but we can’t prepare for the emotion,” Arlington ISD Administrator Dr. Marcelo Cavazos said. “We are devastated.”

Police Investigation:

Officials believe that it was a targeted assault and that the assailant had no intention of killing students at the school.

The motivation for the shooting is unknown at this time, according to authorities. The culprit, a juvenile guy, was apprehended and will face capital murder charges. Additional charges are also being considered. Officers seized a gun but are not revealing what kind of firearm was discovered.

Arlington Lamar HS kids under the age of 17 are all participating. Authorities will not provide any other information on the perpetrator or the victims. According to Arlington police, the suspect did not enter the school.

“Witnesses were able to phone 9-1-1 dispatch with a fair description of the gunman,” said Al Jones, chief of the Arlington Police Department. “Officers responding to the scene discovered a person who matched that description. Without incident, the cops encircled the person and brought him into custody.” The school didn’t start until 7:35 a.m. and was closed at the time of the incident. Not all of the pupils had come. According to police, it does not seem that the gunman planned to target additional pupils inside the school, but the motivation remains unknown.

Jones continued, “We recovered a weapon that we believe was used in this morning’s shooting. The gunman never entered the school building and left the area shortly after the shots were fired. I want to be clear on that. While they weren’t supposed to arrive there until 7 a.m., the school resource police did.

“We will keep collaborating with the district to create schools that are a safe place for kids to learn,” Jones said. Arlington police advised gun owners during a press conference to lock their firearms in areas where children cannot get them.


According to the father of a kid who observed the shooting, the gunshot victim is in the 11th grade. The district or the police have not verified this.

We don’t know whether the shooter and the victims knew one other, and authorities haven’t revealed a motive. Extra security measures will be implemented when students return to school on Wednesday.

Parents who go to campus will need help picking up their children. Still, several anxious parents turned up. “I received a text from the school this morning indicating the school was on lockdown,” said Normecha Stiger, a parent of an Arlington Lamar 9th-grade student. “I just left work to come here because my kid is in there, and not knowing what’s going on is scary.”

Students from Arlington Lamar were transported to the district’s athletic complex and reunited with their parents around 11 a.m. A large queue of parents formed to see their children again. Audrea Thomas was irritated by the long wait to see her kid.

“My kid was standing very near to one of the people that was shot,” she said. “My kid is weeping on the phone with me. They wouldn’t allow me near him. I’ve been attempting to contact him since 7 a.m. this morning. It’s presently 12:30 p.m.” Thomas was eventually able to reach her son. Parents hugged their children a bit tighter after they experienced a lesson that was not in their textbooks.

The first day back at work for Arlington ISD was slated for Monday. Arlington Lamar will be closed on Tuesday. Counsellors will be on campus for any kids who need assistance when they return on Wednesday.

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