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Double homicide victims identified in Sutter County

Sutter County
Source : KCRA

In rural Sutter County, there have two bodies found. The bodies have been identified, and law enforcement is asking the public for help in this intriguing homicide; we’ll go through all the details about this homicide, keep reading.

What happened in Sutter County double homicide 

On Friday afternoon, two bodies were found near the Rio Oso road. The victims, identified as Vicky Keovilayphon and Derrick James, were both 40 years old. Vicky Keovilayphone was a resident of Elk Grove, while Derrick was from Yuba County. Both were found dead, apparently from gunshot wounds, as told by the police.

Sutter County

Source : NewsBreak

On Friday, police officers from Sutter county responded to Kempton Road near Brewer Road. When officers reached the spot, they found two bodies, one female inside a blue Ford Explorer and another male body, lying outside 50 yards near the Ford Explorer. 

Police found the dead bodies with the help of a copter and found the two bodies near by the roadway. Still, there is no information about what led up to the shooting, and no further information has been released on the shooter. 

Victims Identified

During addressing the media sheriff’s office said that the nearby farmer discovered the bodies, and then they informed the Sutter county police officers. On Friday, around 4 p.m., the police officers were called by the farmers to the incident area.

One of the bodies was located in a blue Ford Explorer, while the other was found nearly 50 yards. Both had died due to gunshot wounds. Yuba Sutter News also update this news on its Facebook page as 

Double Fatal By Gunshots Discovered in Rio Oso

As of Friday night: This is being treated as a double homicide. No suspect and no idea what happened. The California Dept. Justice is helping to process the crime scene.

Police Investigations

Brandon Barnes, Sutter Sheriff, said in an interview about this tragic event ” “Due to this case being under active investigation; no further information can be released at this time, This is a tragic event, and we will work diligently to obtain answers for our community,”

Sutter County

Source : ABC10

There are no suspects have been identified in this case, and police are trying to find evidence, the also ask the public to help in this case.

Social Meida Tributes

Lala Coelho

This is so sad and heartbreaking! What is this world coming to? Prayers for the families. There is no respect for human life!!! 

Kathy Salazar

Have any names been released in this case? This is just crazy! Prayers to the families affected by this terrible loss! 

Sherri Wickersham Tucker

The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office responded at about 5 p.m. on Friday to a call regarding two deceased individuals that a motorist found in a large dirt field in the Rio Oso area off Kimpton Road, Undersheriff Scott Smallwood said.

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