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Who Is Bernie Collins? Why He Is Leaving Aston Martin?

Who Is Bernie Collins? Why He Is Leaving Aston Martin?
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Bernie Collins, a strategist engineer at Aston Martin, recently announced her departure to join Sky Sports.

Who is Bernie Collins?

Collins was born in the early 1980s in the Northern Irish Village of Maguiresbridge in Fermanagh. His father worked in the garage. As she worked with her father to disassemble farmyard equipment, she considered herself a tom-boy.

She spent five years at Mount Lourdes Grammar school, unsure about her future job since she did not had the aspiration to work in the motorsports industry. But due to her interest in maths and physics, she ultimately enrolled in mechanical engineering.

Why Bernie Collins left Aston Martin?

The reason behind Bernie Collins’ leaving Aston Martin has yet to be discovered. According to the Sky sports team, Collins will be joining their team as a strategy chief. She will be taking on the role, both on and off screen, to explain the team strategy and engineering for Sky Sports F1 viewers.

She has previous experience in F1 as a designer and engineer at McLaren and Aston Martin, which helped her get the job. As a strategy chief, she also had to debut with Martin Brundle,  Nico Rosberg, and Damon Hill at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

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Bernie Collins’ new job and salary

She currently works with Sky sports as an F1 presenter. After reading an advertisement from the company for a graduate trainee program through the department of mechanical engineering at Queen’s University, she applied.

Her jobs before Sky Sports

Before being admitted into Sky sports as a presenter, she started working with the McLaren Formula 1 racing team. Even though she was unsure about this apprenticeship, she took a leap of faith and participated in the McLaren technology center. She later got admitted after passing several quizzes and online tests in 2009.

Her position involved shifting between departments and divisions every three months to gather information about the different roles and inter-team department requirements.

Then, during her degree year, she joined McLaren’s design division, focusing mainly on the vehicle’s transmission. Apart from this, she also got to work in the GP3 series race weekends as an engineer to improve her skills.

She then started working as a support in the factory operation’s efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions in the McLaren GT sports car racing team as a part-timer. In 2012, she got a promotion to the position of performance engineer.