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What happened to Ebony Owens? Missing person Ebony Owens is assumed dead.

What happened to Ebony Owens? Missing person Ebony Owens is assumed dead.
Image Source - WSAZ

The search for Ebony Owens, 36, began Wednesday after she did not appear for her work as usual. Evidence showed her being in the area around Clinton in the evening last Tuesday, where she was last assumed to be seen.

What happened to Ebony Owens?

Ebony was reported missing on March 16 by her family when she did not show up for her work. According to the county sheriff, she was last known to be in the Clinton Interstate 20 area on Tuesday, March 14. 

The investigation began with the welfare check at the home of Ebony Owens, located at Edwards Avenue, which she shared with her husband, Michael Owens, and her two children, who are 7 and 11 years old. 

Ebony Owens’ burned vehicle, a 2015 White Acura TLX, was found on Old Highway 80 and Jones Road Wednesday morning.

The license plate of her burned vehicle was found in the woods near where the Acura was found, and the authorities predict the vehicle to be set on fire purposefully. 

According to reports, the firefighters and deputies responded to a burning car in the area of Old Highway 80/Jones Road in Edwards.

The reports suggest that the damage was so severe that they could not determine the make or model of the car, but after a thorough investigation, it was revealed to be Ebony Owens’.

Husband accused of murdering the missing wife.

The missing person search of Ebony Owens has now turned to a murder investigation after the husband, Michael Owens, was charged with the death of his wife on Thursday afternoon. 

According to the authorities, she died from at least one gunshot wound, due to which he is under suspicion and has been arrested. He is now facing multiple charges. 

Search for Ebony Owens in the Big Black River

Authorities have now started the search for Ebony Owens in the Big Black River on Old Highway 80 between Hinds and Warren Counties lines as part of a ‘search and recovery effort.’

The Department of Wildlife, fisheries and parks, and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office are assisting the County officials in the search for the missing person.

On Friday, they were in the boats for a second day, searching for Ebony Owens’ body.

The officers said it was a big challenge for them since it is a moving body of water that they are dealing with, and the Big Black River rises and falls rapidly.

There is also a lot of debris in the water, which added more problems to the investigation. They also added that all the swift currents and debris made divers’ search of the river unsafe.

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