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TikTok star Jehane Thomas dies suddenly at 30 – Cause Of Death Explained

TikTok star Jehane Thomas dies suddenly at 30 - Cause Of Death Explained
Image Source - New York Post

Sadly, Jehane Thomas passed away unexpectedly at 30, leaving behind two young sons. She built an internet fan base by sharing videos of herself packing her kids’ lunches and family updates.

Who was Jehane Thomas?

 Jehane Thomas was a famous American TikTok. She shares her health condition through TikTok videos.

She said

“I was unable to physically get up, walk, or drive to drop (her son) off at school. I’ve already taken one of my… pills. Since I only have six tablets left and this is the second one I’ve taken since getting home, I’m not really sure what to do when I run out of them.”

Thomas continued that no one was taking me seriously, claiming I didn’t need that treatment because it would ostensibly make me worse. “I’m just so tired of it and afraid that my head is going to fall off since it’s my head,” the speaker said.

Jehane Thomas Cause of Death

Jehane Thomas, who had over 1.2 million views on her videos, passed away suddenly despite suffering from bouts of illness and migraines for many years.

Her most recent use of TikTok was an outlet to express her dissatisfaction while she traveled between the hospital and her home to deal with migraines and agony. Thomas Jehane, in a tearful video update, said, “I’ve got one of my pressure migraines again.”. 

Jehane Thomas and her sons.

Commenters at the time said that “the hospital let her down” and the NHS had “definitely failed her.” Later that day, she issued an update back in the hospital, saying there was a “36-hour wait to get me a bed on the ward”.

She mentioned a blood patch operation and said, “I’m back on the list to do it. On March 16, she provided her last update, posting on TikTok that she was seeking “immediate relief” from the procedure.

She continued, “I can’t lift my head without wanting to be sick, and I’m unable to walk, I need to be taken everywhere.” She was in excruciating pain, she said.

Jahane following her discharge from the hospital.

Jehane, your lives have been such a comfort to me as I have been crying for an hour for someone I have never met.

One commenter wrote, “This pure woman needed care much before this; they failed her and have ignored some traumatic occurrence within her head.

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