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How did Edward Winter die? American coroner to the stars Edward Winter has died

How did Edward Winter die? American coroner to the stars Edward Winter has died
Image Source - The Teal Mango

The beloved Coroner to the stars, Edward Winter, who was the deputy L.A. County coroner, handling the cases of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, has passed away, according to TMZ.

Who was Edward Winter?

Edward Winters, more popularly known as Edward Winters, was a popular coroner to celebrities.

He used to handle top profile cases/ investigations of many well-known celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Paul Walker, Whitney Houston, Corey Haim, and Tom Petty, where he was in front of the cameras.

He retired in 2019 after nearly 19 years as the ‘American coroner to the celebrities.’

Edward Winter Cause of death

The famous L.A. County Coroner has now died at the age of 73. He died of natural causes on Friday, March 17.

He passed away at his home in the L.A. area while surrounded by his family. There was no underlying illness that might have been the cause of his death.

His death caused a lot of distress to his family, who were left heartbroken.

Many people also paid tributes to the coroner’s death after the news was shared on Twitter. Many sent prayers and condolences to his family, which is going through such a difficult time.

Michael Jackson’s case

One of his most notable cases includes the case of Michael Jackson’s mysterious death. His concerns began when he found many injection points in Jackson’s body.

He was at the UCLA Medical center, where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead. He noticed that Dr. Conrad Murray was not present and had left the facility immediately after the death was announced.

He later found out that Michael Jackson had enough propofol in his system to put down a whole rhinoceros or an elephant.

Later Winter felt that there was more to the story than was actually in front of him. He also had doubts about Dr. Arnold Klein, who was Michael Jackson’s dermatologist.

He used to fuel himself daily with massive amounts of Demerol. Later during the investigation, he found Klein’s medical records regarding Michael Jackson. Jackson had 19 aliases from which to score drugs, and Klein was the principal supplier.

Apart from this, his case regarding Whitney Houston’s death also became very popular. His case regarding the car accident causing the death of the famous, fast and furious series actor Paul Walker also caused his career to rise to fame.

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