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Hawkwind’s Founding Member, Mick Slattery, Passed Away Following a Brief Illness

Mick Slattery die

The loss of a dearly loved person left Mick Slattery’s friends and family inconsolable in their grief. In the privacy of his house, on Friday, Mar 17, 2023, at the age of 77, Mick gently passed away. He had fought a gruelling illness for years.

What has Mick Slattery Become?

Mick Slattery’s untimely passing has left his friends and family in profound sadness and grief. Everyone who knew Mick was shocked by his sudden death at home because he was a beloved figure in their lives. On Friday, March 17, 2023, Mick, a formidable warrior, bravely battled a brief illness that claimed his life. He bravely and tenaciously fought through his final days, displaying the unwavering spirit that had defined his entire life.

Mick Slattery die1


Although the void left by his passing is indescribable, those fortunate enough to share his journey will forever carry Mick’s affection and memories.

Who was Mick Slattery?

Mick Slattery, a brilliant guitarist from Richmond, Surrey, has always been deeply involved in music, especially with groups like Hawkwind. Slattery’s dedication to his art dates back to his days studying guitar manufacturing and repair at Merton College in Morden.

He had the honour of playing with the legendary Dave Brock before becoming a founding member of Hawkwind, an opportunity that unquestionably enhanced his skills. As proof of the lasting impact left by musicians like Mick Slattery, who have dedicated themselves to the spirit of creativity and the power of music, Hawkwind has risen to the top of the space rock subgenre.

There are a Ton of Tributes on Social Media:

My condolences to his family, friends, and supporters. The world is getting smaller every day of this year. To you, peace. Hawkwind’s lead guitarist and founder Mick Slattery is also the singer and lead guitarist of Space Ritual. For the noise, I’m grateful.

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