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Actor Peter Hardy of Australia has been Recognised as a Drowning Victim in Western Australia

Peter Hardy Cause of Death

Known for his appearances in McLeod’s Daughters, Chopper, and the musical Mamma Mia!, Australian actor Peter Hardy has been identified as the guy who drowned last week on a Fremantle beach. Hardy was injured while snorkelling on South Beach in Fremantle. Find out what happened to him and why Peter Hardy passed by reading on.

Who was Peter Hardy?

Peter Hardy was a well-known Australian stage and screen actor. In addition, he was a musician. Moreover, Peter was one of the most seasoned and competent performers in the business. Hardy, too, began his early career in 1969. He started in music playing the French Horn in the CCGS Orchestra.

Peter Hardy Cause of Death1


Hardy made his theatrical debut on the “Revue – The Other Opening” programme shortly after beginning his professional career. In addition, he recently performed “An Officer And A Gentleman” at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre, directed by Simon Phillips. As a result, Hardy made his acting debut in 1986 with The Pursuit.

Happy is a state of mind. Over his active career, the late actor appeared in over thirty films and television shows, with his most recent role being Jacob Zimling in the movie Hard Target 2.

Was Neighbours Star Peter Hardy Married?

The unexpected death of actor Peter Hardy has devastated fans and close friends. Similarly, there have been several inquiries regarding his wife, and people are curious to learn more about her. Unlike a professional career, the actor has always kept his personal life secret from his followers. As a result, many of his followers questioned whether he was married.

So far, we know the actor was not married since he never hinted at his marital status. Also, information on his wedding, wife, or children has yet to be discovered. As a result, his silence demonstrates that he was not married and had a lovely girlfriend called Lysa. Unfortunately, his love life is equally unknown to us since Peter never revealed it to his admirers or the media.

Peter Hardy’s Cause of Death:

Peter Hardy, the actor who played the Prisoner, died at 66. As a result, while addressing his cause of death, media said that Peter’s body was recovered on an Australian beach on Thursday after being wet in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. Similarly, according to local media, he travelled from London to Perth to meet his mother.

Moreover, Peter is claimed to have snorkelled on Fremantle’s South Beach during his arrest. Yet, the matter is still under investigation. Authorities are doing everything possible to discover more about the accident, so further details on the case may be disclosed soon.

Peter’s brother confirmed the details. The actor’s death is believed to have been caused by a horrible drowning accident, but the search team may reveal more information soon, so stay tuned to Genius Celebs.

Obituary for Peter Hardy:

Peter Hardy, an Australian actor, died, and his brother Michael verified his death. The actor was apparently in Perth to see his mother and uploaded a photo and a video from the beach on social media.

His brother, Michael, remarked on the post, “devastated to hear that Hardy had died away abruptly.” After that, tributes flooded social media.

Fans and followers spread the news and expressed their condolences to the family on social media. Peter was a fan favourite who often contributed inspirational pictures and tweets on Instagram and Twitter.

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