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A Teen is killed in Another Bronx Shooting while Police Make Arrests in One

Another Bronx Shooting

According to authorities, a 16-year-old girl was slain on Friday, and two other youths she was with were shot outside a high school.

Statement from the Police:

Police had just announced the arrests of two males in connection with the deadly shooting of a 61-year-old lady in the Bronx earlier this week when they heard of another incident of gun violence not far away on Friday: three teens shot outside a Bronx high school, one fatally.

The gunshot, which abruptly ended the press conference announcing the arrests, served as a sobering reminder of the uptick of shootings that has afflicted New York since the outbreak started. According to police records, there have been more shootings in the city this year than in either 2020 or 2021 through April 3, with over 330 individuals shot.

During a press conference, Police Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell said that two brothers had been charged with second-degree murder in killing Juana Esperanza Soriano De-Perdomo, 61. According to the police, Ms Soriano De-Perdomo was shot outside a bodega in the Fordham Heights district on her way home from work after a quarrel between two groups of men.

As Commissioner Sewell finished the press conference, police officials had accepted around five questions from reporters. “We have an active incident on which we need to be informed,” she stated as she rushed out of the room.

What Became of the 16-Year-Old Female and the 17-Year-Old Boy?

Authorities claim that the early conclusion of the proceedings was related to the shooting of two 16-year-old girls and a 17-year-old man in the vicinity of University Heights Secondary School in the Melrose neighbourhood. Experts contend that the disagreement between the unidentified adult and the three children escalated into violence when he pulled out a weapon and began shooting. The other two children were in stable condition at Lincoln Medical Center, while one of the girls, who had been shot in the chest, passed away. 

The two killings, roughly four miles apart, were stark reminders of the gun violence that Mayor Eric Adams promised to address but continued throughout his first few months in office.

Mr Adams has repeatedly said that his first aim is to increase the public’s perception of safety in New York. But, the continuous tempo of shooting, paired with other high-profile crimes this year, is putting his capacity to meet his vow to the test while also instilling anxiety in some city residents.

The harm done to innocent children heightens the concern. Kade Lewin, 12, was killed on March 31 in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush neighbourhood when at least eight shots were fired into a parked car. He was having dinner with two relatives at the time. A 3-year-old girl shot in the shoulder a few days ago as she left a Brooklyn childcare centre with her father.

Ms Soriano De-Perdomo was walking down the street when she was shot, according to authorities, and she had not engaged with any of the attackers. “She was completely innocent,” said James Essig, the department’s head of detectives, earlier on Friday. “We now witness an unexpected victim of this plague of gun violence.”

Donald Johnson, 20, and Rakell Hampton, 33, were accused of second-degree murder, 1st manslaughter, and unlawful weapon possession in connection with the tragedy. It was unclear if they had attorneys.

The males were fighting with a group of three persons, including a clothing salesman who was the intended target, when the shooting started, according to police. According to the authorities, Mr Johnson discharged his revolver five times as the other group of guys fled; at least three people, including in the back.

According to the police, the seller dashed into a metro station, and the two persons with him fled in a white automobile. Chief Essig said that the three persons in that group and a third person with Mr Johnson and Mr Hampton still needed to be recognised. Mr Johnson was on probation after being convicted of stealing items in Rockland County, New York. 

Mr Hampton, named by authorities as a member of the Bloods gang, appeared in court this month on a charge of criminal possession of a firearm, for which bail was set. After paying the fine, he was released, and his next court date is April 12.

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