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Jeff Mwathi Cause of Death? Jeff Mwathi murder case

Jeff Mwathi Cause of Death? Jeff Mwathi murder case
Image Source - Mpasho

The 23-year-old interior designer, Jeff Mwathi, was murdered in the wee hours of February 22. 

What happened to Jeff Mwathi?

In the past week, many Kenyans have been left questioning the circumstances that revolved around the murder of Jeff Mwathi. 

In the early hours of February 22, the interior designer was found dead on the ground floor of the popular singer DJ Fatxo’s apartment, his close friend. 

According to DJ Fatxo, he had spent the evening at his house on February 21 in the company of the Mugithi singer.

DJ Fatxo then left the apartment with 3 women and, after returning hours late, did not find Jeff in the house, after which he reported through his house that he had gone missing only to find him sometime later.

According to detectives, the next investigation phase will begin by questioning the other suspects in the house the night Jeff died.

A forensic examination is still undergoing regarding the death of the Kenyan interior designer. 

Jeff Mwathi Cause of death

The cause of Jeff Mwathi’s death is still under investigation. Even though it was claimed that the interior designer died after falling from the 10th floor, it is now believed that the cause of death might have been something else.

It is now under suspicion that he might have been killed before being thrown off the roof. 

They dismissed the claims that the 23-year-old might have thrown himself from Fatxo’s bedroom window since the grill was too small for a person like him to go through. 

Fatxo has denied any involvement with the death of Jeff Mwathi and has declared to fully comply with the investigation procedure.

He also asked his relatives and fans to pray for him so that he could come out of this investigation victorious and unharmed. 

The confusion created as two romantic partners come forward

As the investigation continues, it has now come to attention that he was involved with two women romantically as they both came forward. Since Jeff’s death, his girlfriend Faith Wairimu has been very vocal about getting justice for her boyfriend. 

She shared photos and videos of herself and him, captioning, “always in my mind, forever in my heart.” However, hours later, another woman, Iheart Njeri, posted a TikTok of herself with him, showing her spending time with him. She captioned, “Always in my heart, my love. Am sorry, hope you find justice.”

This has confused many Netizens regarding his involvement in a love triangle and if both the women were involved somehow. 

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