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Who is Leila Borrington, the Person Imprisoned for the Death of Her Stepson, age 3?

Who is Leila Borrington

A lady who killed her disabled stepson, age 3, and recorded him dying was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Leila Borrington: Who is She?

Leila Borrington, 23, repeatedly slapped Harvey Borrington, 23, who had severe nonverbal autism, in what the judge called a “continued brutal assault” before he was killed. According to testimony in court, In the four months before Harvey’s death, Borrington assaulted him twice, leaving him with scars on his face and a fractured arm.

According to testimony from Nottingham Crown Court, When paramedics were sent to Borrington’s property in Jacksdale, he told them a fabrication about what had happened to Harvey near Kirkby-in-Ashfield, in August 2021.

She had claimed that Harvey had “fallen backwards” from a leather sofa for one at home. She reportedly texted Harvey’s father, “Why does this happen to me?,” after giving Harvey “unsurvivable” wounds, including a fractured skull.

Harvey Borrington, Her Stepson, What Happened to Him?

Harvey was abused by Borrington in the Jacksdale home her father and she shared on Main Road. Harvey, who frequently spent the weekends with Borrington, was found “totally unconscious,” “unresponsive,” and with “abnormal body position” two days after paramedics were summoned. On August 9, Harvey passed away in a hospital.

On the phone video that Borrington captured, she was seen holding Harvey’s left arm, lifting it high, and letting it fall carelessly to the ground. She continued to record while he remained still on the living room floor. According to testimony given in court, Borrington had a history of abusing Harvey; as a result, Harvey died. Prosecutor Jonas Hankin KC claims that Harvey’s old age and handicap made him susceptible and aggravating.

Legal Document:

Mr Justice Nicklin instructed her as he handed down Borrington’s sentence: “Only you know with certainty what happened to Harvey, but based on their decision, the jury felt certain that your testimony of Harvey falling and hitting his head on the floor was false, or at the very least incomplete”. The jury’s decision demonstrates that they were sure you assaulted Harvey and caused the following fatal head injuries.

Due to squeezing Harvey’s cheeks and earlier fracturing his arm, Borrington was also found guilty of assault resulting in bodily damage and grievous bodily harm. For these offences, she was handed a two-year jail term and a six-month period that will run concurrently with her manslaughter sentence. He added that she would complete two-thirds of the 15-year prison term before being granted a licence. Harvey’s mother said he was “my universe” and a “treasured grandchild” to her parents.

“To have it verified that Leila Borrington had molested Harvey before his death will be a life-long torment for me, a recurrent nightmare which I will never be able to awaken from,” she testified in court.

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