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Patrick French, An Indian-Born Historian and Novelist, Died in London

Patrick French die

Patrick French, a writer, historian, and critic, has died. He was an exceptional humanitarian as well as a brilliant writer. Please continue reading to discover how Patrick French died and what caused his death.

Patrick French, What Happened to Him?

William Dalrymple, a novelist, tweets about the death of historian and author Patrick French. “I was saddened to learn about Patrick French’s death. Patrick and I first met when we were thirteen, and he was the Best Man at my wedding. He was friendly, humorous, and brimming with enthusiasm and energy. Additionally, according to Dalrymple, he was our generation’s outstanding biographer.

Patrick French Died As a Result of:

The French have been honoured in the literary, academic, and media sectors. Patrick French, a well-known public intellectual, award-winning biographer, and historian most known for his works on India died due to cancer complications. The author, who had been ailing, died on Thursday at 56.

Patrick married Meru Gokhale, novelist Namita Gokhale’s daughter and former Penguin Random House India editor-in-chief. According to his family, Patrick French, a British historian and writer, died in London on Thursday after a four-year struggle with illness.

Who is Patrick French?

Patrick French was a British novelist, historian, and academic who lived from 1966 until 2023. He studied English and American literature and South Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where he received his bachelor’s degree.

He was appointed the first Dean of Ahmedabad University’s School of Arts and Sciences in July 2017. Younghusband: The Universe Is What It Is, a history of Nobel Prize winner V. S. Naipaul that won the National Book Critics Circle Book Award in the United States of America, The Very last Great Imperial Explorer, a life of Francis Younghusband, India: A Portrait, and others are only a few of French’s works.

Patrick French die1

In the 1992 general election, French was a Green Party candidate for Parliament. He was a founder of the intergovernmental India-UK Round Table and a member of the executive committee of Free Tibet, a UK-based Tibet support organisation.


The World Is What It Is, V. S. Naipaul’s official biography, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2008. French is credited for inventing the “confessional biography,” according to Ian Buruma of the New York Review of Books.

The book was recognised as one of the “10 Best books of 2008” by The New York Times Book Review editors. The US National Book Critics Circle Award was given to The World Is What It Was in 2008 and was nominated for the Samuel Johnson Prize. French got the Hawthornden Prize for the novel in 2009. Patrick’s book India: A Portrait, billed as “an intimate biography of 1.2 billion people,” was released in 2011. The book describes how social and economic upheavals are transforming India.

In connection with publishing the book, he also developed The India Site, a website focused on India. Patrick is now writing the official biography of Doris Lessing. He was well respected for his ability to delve into intricate and sometimes complicated subjects, such as the consequences of the British Empire in India and the life of Medal author V.S. Naipaul. He was well-known for his rigorous research, crisp language, and sympathetic but critical eye.

Patrick French Memorials:

Literary tributes to France came in. Patrick French, the best man at my wedding and whom I have loved and admired since we were both thirteen, passed away, historian and author William Dalrymple tweeted. He was constantly passionate, energetic, witty, intelligent, and engaging. He was also our generation’s best biographer.”

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