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How did Jim Gordon Die? Eric Clapton’s and George Harrison’s drummer dies at 77

Jim Gordon
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Jim Gordon, the famous drummer for George Harrison and Eric Clapton, recently died at 77. This article will provide all the details about Jim Gordon; keep reading.

Last Monday famous drummer died at the age of 77. At their death, he was suffering from lifelong fights with mental issues. 

Jim worked on famous songs like Steely Dan, Sonny and Cher, Beach Boys, Carly Simon and the Byrds. He was not just a drummer; in many pieces, he worked as a co-writer for the songs. He is credited as a co-writer for Clapton’s 1970 hit Layla. 

Jim Gordon

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In the starting, he worked with the Beatles. Later, he left this group and joined George Harrison’s album All Things Must Pass as a main drummer. He died naturally at California Medical Facility in Vacaville, California. At this place, he was serving his life sentence for his mother’s murder.

In 1983, he killed his 72 years old mother through bludgeoning and stabbing to death. This incident happened in his North Hollywood home. After commenting on this murder, he said to the police, “I did this becacue my head ordered me to do this”.

In 1984 he was convicted for his mother’s murder and diagnosed with schizophrenia. At that time, the judge could not find the innocent due to California insanity laws. Jim had a previous history of mental issues, and later he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

Once in 1970, he also assaulted his girlfriend, Rita Coolidge. The exciting thing about Jim is that he would never show his erratic behaviour in front of his friends or fellow musicians. 

His former girlfriend recalled an incident that he told for Bill Janovitz’s biography; according to this biography, Rita said: “Jim said very quietly, so only I could hear, ‘Can I talk to you for just a minute”

We both left the room, and then he hit me very hard. 

Jim Gordon

Source: Facebook

Rita described Jim as a very charismatic and fantastic guy. 

Netizens’ reaction to the death of Jim Gordon :

Mark Bayer

One of the saddest stories among famous drummers. Had Jim stayed mentally fit, we might be talking about him today like we talk about people like Steve Gadd. RIP.

Bob McGrew

The number of hit records that he played on is staggering. His tone and feel was unbelievable. He was one of my all time favorite drummers. Such a sad ending to a tragic story. Listening to “Your so vain” by Carly Simon. Just incredible…..RIP Mr. Gordon. My wish tonight is that you are in a much better, happier place.

Kelly J. Seager

I had always hoped that he would be successfully treated for his schizophrenia, and perhaps released through some sort of mercy program for those who suffer from this kind of mental illness.

RIP Jim. I hope you find peace that eluded you here on earth.

Bob Merring

Probably the most unheard of and underrated session drummer. His timing was impeccable and he ability to produce creative musical fills was masterful. It’s so unfortunate his schizophrenia destroyed his career and his life.

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