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Who is Sidney Holmes? After serving 34 years in prison in Florida, 400-year sentence is exonerated

Sidney Holmes
Source : Facebook

Sidney Holmes, a 57-year-old inmate serving a 400-year prison sentence for robbery, was acquitted on Monday, 13, 2023.  We’ll check out more details here; keep reading.

Sidney Holmes: What happened at that time 

Sidney spent more than three decades in prison. In 1988, the victim falsely identified him who was robbed then.

At that time, the victim identified him as the getaway driver due to a misunderstanding. After this incident, prosecutors demand that the judge sentence Holmes to 800 years in prison. Because that time, Holmes failed to prove that he was not involved in the robbery.

Sidney Holmes


After the hearing judge sentenced him to 400 years of jail.

Sidney Holmes: misidentified in the robbery case

According to CBS News, In 2020, he contacted the Broward State Attorney’s Office Conviction Review Unit. He told the unit that he was innocent in this case.

Later prosectors started the investigation of the case again, and eventually, it was identified that Holmes was misidentified by the witness at that time. And All this confusion happened due to the victim’s description matching the getaway car.

News agency Najia also post a tweet regarding this as

Sidney Holmes has been released after serving more than 34 years of a 400-year prison sentence after the state of Florida reinvestigated the case and determined that he did not commit armed robbery.

While another side, CBS Evening News also shared this news on their official Facebook page

Sidney Holmes

Source : Facebook

Sidney Holmes’ 400-year sentence for an armed robbery he says he did not commit was vacated, allowing him to leave prison after spending nearly 35 years.
Holmes, now 57, says he never lost hope.

Netizens’ reaction to this incident :

Mohàmmàd Śàleem Jàdōōn

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the
freedom of others.”

Akolade Wasiu El Aqqod

I believe God took him there to avert some certain calamity upon him. Enjoy your freedom man. God has a better plan for You.

Vivi Hess

Beautiful, I’m so happy you were vindicated. In this crazy world of politics you are a lucky man!
Now we need the truth to come out for Leonard Peltier’s Walk To Justice

Yngilep Acanto Ohcamac III

Hunt those people who wrongfully convicted him and put them in jail. Messing someones elses life is not a joke

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