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Murder of Dru Sjodin – Prosecutors stop seeking capital punishment to Alfonso Rodriguez Jr

Murder of Dru Sjodin - Prosecutors stop seeking capital punishment to Alfonso Rodriguez Jr
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Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., who killed Dru Sjodin almost 20 years ago, has been spared the death penalty by federal prosecutors.

In a statement released Tuesday, March 14, the U.S. Attorney General instructed the North Dakota U.S. Attorney’s Office to withdraw its intention to seek capital punishment against Rodriguez. Mac Schneider, the U.S. Attorney in North Dakota, filed the withdrawal on Tuesday. 

Dru Sjodin Death Case Update

On November 22 2003, Dru Sjodin was murdered, but it came to light again during the trial due to the new twist. Dru Sjodin, an American woman, was murdered in this crime. In her case, the suspect is Alfonso Rodrigeuz Jr, who was originally going to face the death penalty, but the court changed its mind. It’s now up to the court to explain why the decision has been changed and his punishment.

Who was Dru Sjodin?

A graduate of Pequot Lakes High School in 2000, Sjodin graduated from the school. She attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks after graduating. Besides being very artistic, Dru loved playing sports, including golf, basketball, and volleyball.

Additionally, Sjodin was looking forward to visiting Australia in the spring of 2004. Her passing on November 22, 2003, prevented this from happening. Why did the suspect kill her, and what was her fault?

When Dru left work, she disappeared. Her body was later found, and during the investigation, police detained Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., a level 3 sexual offender. He was released from prison six months before Dru went missing after a 23-year conviction. The body of Sjodin was discovered outside Crookston in Minnesota, five months after Rodriguez was detained. On September 22, 2006, the murderer was found guilty and detained to death.

Who was Rodriguez?

Rodriguez is the murderer of Dru Sjodin. In Grand Forks, where Sjodin worked, Rodriguez kidnapped Sjodin on November 22, 2003. A federal prosecutor says he sexually assaulted her near Crookston, Minnesota, then marched her down a ravine.

Prosecutors said she was left in the snow for dead after her throat was slashed. The disappearance of Sjodin led to the arrest of Rodriguez, a sex offender at the time.

In April 2004, the body of Sjodin was found.

In 2006, a jury found Rodriguez guilty of kidnapping that resulted in death. tried in federal court.