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How did Justus von Eitzen Die? Find out everything about his life and cause of death

Justus von Eitzen
Source : Facebook

A famous Clash Royale professional named Justus Von Eitzen, also known as Flobby, died at 22. He died on Tuesday, March 14, 2023; his sudden death shocked his family and friends.

At this time, the whole community mourns the death of Flobby. To know more about Justus Von Eitzen and what happened to him, keep reading this page.

Justus Von Eitzen : Know more about him

He was a Clash Royale professional popularly known as Justus Flobby among his friends. He collaborated with German-based esports company SK Gaming for five years. On the behalf of this organisation, he participated in different competitions.

Justus von Eitzen

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He was very professional in his esports career apart from this; he is a great human being by the nature. His friends described him as very kind-hearted, genuine, and amiable.

Justus Von Eitzen : Cause of death

Justus Von Eitzen died unexpectedly by suicide last Tuesday. The 22-year-old Clash Royale professional was killed on March 14, 2023. While some other reports claim that he died in a car accident. The accident happened when leaving a farewell letter to his family.

He is survived by Jakob, Karsten, Bettina and his loved family members. Funeral information was not released by his family members yet. But all these details, like the funeral and the death details might be released soon.

Death announcement: Justus Von Eitzen

SK Gaming took the social media like Facebook and Twitter to post this news on the internet; they wrote:

Justus von Eitzen

Source : Facebook

“We are incredibly saddened to share the following with you”

People are pouring tributes to Justus Von Eitzen :

When people are starting awarding about this sad news, they paying tributes to Flooby on different social media platforms as :

Dawid Ogaza

I’m so speechless… I can’t believe this is true.
Rest In Piece Flobby! ❤️

CODE : Soking

When i joined sk, the first day on Cologne, i shared the hotel room with him, he was so King, an amazing person. Cant believe this 💔

Mattia Panatta

That’s just heartbreaking, I can’t imagine what he was going through but I am really sad to hear this, he was such a nice guy and I have a lot of great memories with him.


Hope you are at peace Flobby. My condolences to the family and loved ones. You’re forever in my heart. I cherish the moments in Los Angeles together

Royal Flush II

I spent today in a mental health first aid course and that will be for the next 2 days my condolences to the family. People struggling with mental illness is real l learnt today 75% of people that attempt to end their life are 25 and under. Please reach out to anyone you feel comfortable with talking to and if you do not feel comfortable please talk to your doctor for advise and support. In Australia 🇦🇺 please ring life line.

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