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Eden Knight, The Transgender Woman, dies of Suicide

Eden Knight
The Mirror

Eden Knight was a famous transgender woman who recently decided to tragically herself on the 13th of March 2023 while she was just 23 years old. She used to live in the United States of America until she decided to move to her festival home in Saudi Arabia. Still, they denied her access to hormone medication and forced her into a de-transition. As stated, her family members were the direct reason she decided to kill herself at 23 years old because she was happy with her condition. Still, her family members had a discriminative nature towards her, which directly caused her to kill herself.

Eden Knight death

The Mirror

Eden Knight Death Details

Eden Knight died on the 13th of March 2023 as she died of suicide due to the pressurization given by her family members for doing another transition for herself to transfer from a transgender to a normal woman as her conservative parents did not want her in society in that manners, so her life eventually became very difficult. She went to the United States of America to continue her life. While she decided to return to Saudi Arabia to her parents, they still did not want to accept her in that manner. They wanted her to do a transition which mentally provided backstabbed her, and she decided to kill herself.

Eden Knight death cause

Pink News

Cause of Death of Eden Knight

Eden Knight died on the 13th of March 2023 wireless. She was just 23 years old, and the exact reason for her death as not directly a suicide, but the pressurization from the family members and the direct reason for her death was the family members did not want to accept the daughter as she was. She went to the United States of America recently to continue her life. Still, after returning to Saudi Arabia, her parents did not want to accept her in that condition. They wanted her to fix herself into a proper woman or man and come back to life, which became mental torture for her, which was why she decided to kill herself.

Eden Knight detransition

The Mirror

De-transition details of Eden Knight

Eden Knight was not sad about her condition and already accepted that God wanted her to be like that. Still, the problem she faced was related to her family members who did not provide proper access to her in their life and always discriminated against her in the family, which caused her to have a proper transition again to protect herself in the society in which her family used to live. As she did not want to do a transition, it directly caused her to have mental pressure, and that was the reason for which it became very difficult for her to accept a lot of her family members. She thought dying would be a better thing in this scenario.

Family Details

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Other essential details of the family

After the death on the 13th of March 2023, the family members have not provided any particular statement related to the death. They have also not decided to provide any particular details about the statement related to what happened, and no information has also been provided related to that matter. The family members are the direct reason for everything that has happened, and they have been the major cause for which she decided to kill herself, as the pressurization they gave towards women was the most important reason for which it caused her to die.

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