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Who Is Zaharie Ahmad Shah | Malaysia Flight 370 Pilot Alive and Several Bodies Found

Malaysia Flight 370
Source : Facebook

This news is spreading all over the internet, and everyone wants to know more about this incident. This tragic accident scared the whole world. People are extremely sad about the lost lives and want to learn more about how this happened. Let’s check out all the details in this article; keep reading.

Many years ago, this accident happened, but again, this news is the trend because of Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who was the flight’s pilot and was now found alive. Still, many people want to confirm whether this is true or not.

Malaysia Flight 370

Source : Facebook

Malaysia Flight 370 was again in the news due to many rumours about pilot Zararie spreading all over the internet that he is alive. Many people don’t know about this incident and are curious about it.

The pilot found alive: Malaysia Flight 370

In 2014, Malaysia Airlines passenger jet travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8th March. The flight was missed on his way to Beijing, in this Boeing 777 has 227 passengers along with 12 crew members. This flight took off at 12:41 AM, according to local time.

One of the famous OTT platforms makes documentaries on this and takes this event into the limelight again. On the 9th anniversary, Netflix released a web series on this incident. This documentary again recalled all the things that happened around 10 years ago.

This incident happened around 10 years ago, but many questions remain unanswered. After releasing the documentary, people want to know more about this missing flight.

Malaysia Flight 370

source : Facebook

So much research was done on this missing flight, but nothing could be discovered to date. The plane has not been found to date. In a nutshell, we can say that there has been no information on this missing flight until now.

One Reddit user shared a lifejacket photo discovered at Malacca and said that a dead body was also found there. But later, after the investigation, it was found that it was not the passenger’s body.

Now some of the rumours trending on the news that the pilot has been found alive are totally hoaxes, and there is no truth in these stories.

Netizen’s reaction on this incident:

Star C DeShay

Malaysia Flight 370 is the reason why I believe in the supernatural and believe that what happened to that flight was something spiritual. We forget that Enoch in the Bible went to heaven without physically dying. I believe that’s what happened to all 200+ people that were on that plane.

Ariana Resende

So heartbreaking 💔 Especially hearing stories from the family and friends of the passengers!! So sad the plane has not been found to this day ! Honestly, though, how does a Boeing 777 with almost 300 passengers just vanish and disappear off radar never to be heard or seen from again!!! And how could Malaysia say that they did not have the technology to track the passengers phones when some. we’re getting calls!? what are they hiding!? Hoping and praying one day this biggest aviation mystery will be solved

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