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A Cebu Daily News Reporter Documenting the Pamplona Massacre Died in a Car Accident

Pegeen Sararana Died

A Cebu-based journalist died from severe brain damage after being struck by a vehicle on her way home after documenting the events surrounding Negros’ murder. In detail, we look at how Cebu journalist Pegeen Sararana died and Pegeen Sararana Cause of Death.

What Happened to Cebu Journalist Pegeen Sararana?

Pegeen Maisie Sararana, 24, a multi-media journalist with Cebu Daily News Digital, died on March 13, 2023, at 9:14 p.m. at the Negros Polymedic Hospital in Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

Pegeen Sararana Cause of Death:

Pegeen Sararana was thought to be a pleasant person. In light of the current news, many people must be interested in Pegeen Sararana’s cause of death. According to CDN, Sararaa documented the Pamplona massacre, which killed Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo and eight other individuals.

Pegeen Sararana Died1


Sararaa was travelling on her boyfriend’s motorbike at three o’clock on Sunday, March 12. They were about to turn left at a crossroads in San Jose’s Barangay Tampi when an elf truck hit their vehicle as it passed a long-bed truck. Sararaa and Balcobero were immediately admitted to the Municipality of Sibulan’s Negros Polymedic Hospital. Sararaa lost consciousness till she died, but Balcobero lived.

According to police sources, the elf truck’s driver was Nielric Tano Gaso, an Amlan town resident. He was freed from the San Jose Police Station after serving the 18-hour obligatory sentence.

Sararaa’s father and sister Claire arrived in Negros Oriental late on March 12. “She still has a lot of ideas for us,” Claire said to the Inquirer. She was family-oriented and always remembers us even though she was gone for business,”. Pegeen Sararana died on March 13, 2023. The death of Pegeen Sararana has devastated the community.

Pegeen Sararana: Who was She?

Pegeen started a career as a journalist for CDN Digital in 2020, penning pieces on crime and police activities in Cebu City. She was a young Cebu media reporter who specialised in reporting on police and armed combat. She was well-known and liked by her media friends for her compassion and charity. Pegeen was quiet but always willing to assist. Despite all she had gone through and the obstacles she had conquered, she persisted and found a greater purpose in journalism.

Memorial to Pegeen Sararana:

Pegeen Sararana’s death has elicited an outpouring of condolences from the journalism community and beyond.

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