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Graham Newbould, a Michelin-Starred Chef Cause of Death: 66 Years Old

Graham Newbould Died

Graham Newbould, a royal chef who prepared boiled rabbit for the corgis and “penny” sandwiches for the Queen in the 1980s, passed away very suddenly at age 66. In this piece, we’ll look at Who is Graham Newbould, what happened to him, and Graham Newbould’s cause of death.

What Became of Him?

An executive chef died abruptly earlier this month before delivering sandwiches in the form of pennies and serving the late Queen.

Graham Newbould, 66, worked at Kensington Palace for King Charles and his first wife for another five years in 1987 before going to Buckingham Palace and the Royal Yacht Britannia from 1980 to 1982. The chef, born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, in August 1956, later had success at another eatery.

What was Graham Newbould’s Name?

Graham Newbould, the eldest son of Bryan and Marion Newbould, was born on August 1st, 1956, in Wakefield, Yorkshire. After graduating high school, he attended a catering college before obtaining Michel Bourdin’s teaching at the Connaught in London. He proceeded to Barbados to serve as a cook at the Treasure Beach hotel before leaving for Grenada to accept the role of head chef at the Calabash. He departed Inverlochy Castle with his star.

When he returned to England, he established The George at Wormald Green from Ripon to Harrogate in Yorkshire. The restaurant’s walls were adorned with mementoes from his time serving the king. In Woburn Abbey, he worked as the Duke of Bedford’s chef.

His Marital Life:

Newbould had two marriages. His first marriage, with Joy, was dissolved. His son, daughter from his first marriage, and second wife, Heather, are the only members of his family now living. Graham Newbould, 66, worked for King Charles and his first wife at Kensington Palace for four and a half years before going to Buckingham Palace and the Royal Yacht Britannia from 1980 to 1982. The Michelin-starred chef was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, in August 1956 and had a successful career in another industry. He is survived by two children from his former marriage, Heather, his current wife, and their son.

When working for the royal family, Newbould usually avoided spreading royal rumours. Nevertheless, he took viewers inside the royal kitchens in the 2002 Channel 5 programme Secrets of the Royal Kitchens. He revealed little-known information about the late Queen and her family’s food habits.

The Personal Chef of the Duke of Bedford:

Graham, who most recently served as the Duke of Bedford’s professional chef at Woburn Abbey, claimed Princess Diana would order jacket potatoes for Prince William and Prince Harry and that the Queen would create her version of fish and chips at Buckingham Palace.

Throughout his tenure at Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, the chef avoided addressing the personal lives of members of the royal family. Yet, when asked whether he was responsible for Princess Diana’s slim figure, he quipped that he was the one who kept her on the front pages.

The Royal Cook:

Graham also prepared meals for the royal pets, including tripe for the gun dogs and rice and cabbage flavoured with chopped, boiled lamb liver or rabbit for the Corgis. Since he was also in charge of the Christmas feast, the chef would take advantage of the opportunity to try new things. He said the royal family disliked Christmas custard and mince pies, so that he could try a novel dessert, such as pia colada mousse with raspberry coulis.

Graham Newbould Died1


After they returned from their honeymoon, Graham was asked to take over as one of King Charles, then Prince of Wales, and Princess Diana’s cooks. Graham was one of the chefs that helped with the couple’s wedding breakfast in 1981.

King Charles, unlike his parents, started each day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange or apple juice and a modest serving of fresh fruit salad. He would next eat muesli with six different types of dried fruit, including apricots, peaches, figs, plums, apples, and pears, with milk from the Royal Dairy in Windsor. He’d then eat bread with six different types of honey. Graham said he would cut his bread into pieces and spread love on each. However, Princess Diana favoured instant coffee, muesli, or bran flakes for breakfast before toast with jam and fruit yoghurt. Charles, according to Graham, would travel with a breakfast box containing his honey, cereal, and dried fruit. The chef recalled Princess Diana asked him to serve jacket potatoes with cheese sauce, gently poached eggs, and parmesan for Prince William and Princess Harry.

Although Diana enjoyed her meal, he saw that King Charles had distinct preferences. The chef said how much fun he had served the royal family and remembered admonishing a young Prince William for striking him with golf balls.


In 1987, Graham resigned from his royal family member role to pursue a corporate chef career. He was awarded a Michelin star while working at Inverlochy Castle before moving to Barbados to serve as the chef at the Treasure Beach hotel.

He enjoyed working as Calabash’s executive chef in Grenada before returning to England. Eventually, he launched his restaurant, The George, in Wormald Green, Yorkshire. His last job was at Woburn Abbey, where he worked for the Duke of Bedford.

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