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Dinah O’Dowd, Boy George’s Adored Mother, Dies at 84

Dinah O'Dowd Died

Dinah O’Dowd, Boy George’s mother, died at 84. Let’s look closer at Dinah O’Dowd and his cause of death.

The Cause of Death:

According to the news posted on Facebook, Mother Dinah died at 84. We wish the O’Dowds strength throughout this trying time. Boy George has disclosed that his mother, who was hospitalised for two days in April with ‘heart or lung difficulties,’ has returned home. Nevertheless, no specific cause of death was disclosed. On social media, friends and family are expressing their condolences.

Dinah O’Dowd, Who was She?

In Christina Glynn, Dinah O’Dowd was born in 1939. George Alan O’Dowd was born on 14th June 1961 at Barnehurst Hospital in Kent, England, and was reared in Eltham as the second of five children of builder Jerry O’Dowd (born Jeremiah; 1932–2004).

Dinah O'Dowd Died1

Her Medical Troubles:

Dinah O’Dowd, 82, was admitted to Greenwich Hospital a fortnight ago for reasons unconnected to the new coronavirus COVID-19, but she has now been discharged into the care of her family. And, speaking to Lorraine from his London home on Monday, George, 58, expressed his delight that his mother is no longer in an atmosphere where she may get the lethal illness.

‘My mother is well; she’s returned home,’ he added. Thankfully, she spent two days in the hospital, and her condition was unrelated to Corona. And it wasn’t what we expected, so everything revolved around bringing my mother home from the hospital because, obviously, with everything going on, it’s not the ideal place for her to be.’ When asked about Dinah’s stay in the hospital, George said she had the most outstanding care from committed NHS personnel who did all they could to keep her spirits up.

Dina’s Thoughts About Her Late Husband:

This melancholy refrain from her son Boy George’s most famous song was, in reality, Dinah O’Dowd’s grim mantra during her 42-year marriage to a monster she never stopped loving. If you ask this remarkable 67-year-old survivor why she created her book Cry Salty Tears, she will tell you the truth. Dinah O’Dowd tells it like it is without hesitation. You want to embrace her.

Gerry O’Dowd, her late spouse, was not a huge fan of hugs. He was more of a thug than a hugger. She went to Gerry’s burial and listened to strangers speak about the guy she had spent most of her turbulent life with. Even more perplexing to Dubliner Dinah was that the casket was sent to the cremation without any mourners. Dinah recalls Gerry O’Dowd never wanting to be alone for over a minute. This was ironic in and of itself. Scared to be alone, Gerry was prone to warning her, especially after a brutal beating: “I’ll die if you leave me. Please don’t leave even if you can’t forgive me.” On December 4, 2004, he and his second wife, who was organising the funeral, passed away in Egypt from a heart attack.

“He was a dreadful parent and spouse. “My mother is a tank, a deity,” Boy George recently said. She’s here today in a huge and beautiful room at Dublin’s Merrion Hotel to discuss her life and her terrible marriage, as detailed in Cry Salty Tears. She’d had more than enough of them throughout the years. In 1954, she met a guy called Seamus at a dance on Dorset Street. He got her pregnant and then went “disappearing off the face of the planet, or the streets of Dublin at the very least,” five months before the delivery.

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